Big Shoota   
Dow2r ork big shoota Unit(s) Shoota Boyz Equips two boyz with big shootas, offering increased range and damage over standard shootas. Also enables the Aiming? Wotz Dat? ability, which suppresses a targeted squad.
Tier 1
Cost Dow2 req 1675 Dow2 pow 1620 Rt time 1615
Nob Leader (Shoota Boyz)   
Dow2 ork nob leader Unit(s) Shoota Boyz Send a Nob Leader to keep da boyz from muckin about. The Nob cannot be killed until all boyz have died, and it detects infiltrated units in radius 30. The Nob has 285 health, infantry armor, and wields a twin-linked shoota with a decent melee attack.
Tier 1
Cost Dow2 req 1675 Dow2 pow 1625 Rt time 1615
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