Weirdboy Recharge Aura   
Dow2 wil holy vigor Unit(s) Various Ork infantry Any allied Weirdboys within a 20 radius of this unit regenerate their energy 30% faster.
Requires Default ability
Cost Always active
Dow2 ork waaagh shout Unit(s) Ork infantry Boosts the combat effectiveness of all allied non-hero Ork infantry in radius 25. Damage increased by 4.5%, speed increased by 0.21, received damage lowered by 4.5% and received suppression lowered by 1.2%. Weirdboys in radius 30 also receive 100 energy. Effects last 30 seconds and stack with other uses of the same ability. Cooldown 90 seconds.
Requires Default ability
Cost Dow2 global 1620
Aiming? Wotz Dat?   
Dow2 ork aiming wotz dat Unit(s) Shoota Boyz Suppresses a target infantry unit. Cooldown 60 seconds.
Requires Big Shoota
Cost Dow2 global 163
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