The Razorback is a fast space marine vehicle. Unlike the infantry counterparts of the space marine army this vehicle is not high in hp or damage as it is designed to serve other purposes. It is possible to purchase the Reinforced Armor Plating to further increase survivability. The razorbacks primary role is a transport vehicle and secondary role is a reinforcement point. It is armed with a bolter that does piercing damage and is capable of firing a smoke canister round.

Transport Edit

The razorback is capable of transporting multiple units at the same time. Having a reasonable speed means it can be utilised to flank enemy positions with melee squads. This could come in handy when there are no units capable of momentarily disrupting the enemy. e.g. Assault marines. Thus damage can be reduced on melee squads as they move in as the razoback will take little to no damage from regular small arms fire.


The razorback has a small reinforcement radius, reinforcing units need to be close by. Most space marine squads have high hp so it can be preferable to reinforce on field as opposed to using the global drop pod. However it should be taken into account that it has no healing function so it is advisable to heal at base as to not hamper your economy (requisition wil be wasted reinfocing a low health squad during an engagement).

During team games (2v2 or 3v3 etc.) allies can reinforce their units from the razorback. This is favourable in a partnership with Chaos forces who do not possess many means of on field reinforcement.


The razorback can deal with most tier1 units that have no AV upgrades ( be weary of those that do). The fitted bolter canon works well on squishy units e.g. Guardians or Slugga boyz etc.

Due to the razorbacks weak armour, it is advisable to utilise kiting manouvres on melee units. The smoke round can be fired to reduce damage by 80% of anything firing through the smoke. It is also worth noting that the razorback's Smoke ability can reduce suppression by 90% allowing for escape out of defended territory for slow units such as tactical marines. Also can be used for assault purposes, however it is much more simple to drive the squad to a flanked position.

Placing a Scout squad with a Scout Sergeant gives the razorback protection from pesky infiltrated Storm troopers with meltas!

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