Default abilities

Melee Resistance Aura   
Dow2 sta hardened armor Unit(s) Heroes and most melee units This unit always takes 40% less damage from melee weapons. Does not affect damage from ranged weapons.
Requires Default ability
Cost Always active
Dow2 Tyr tunnel Unit(s) Ravener Alpha Create a persistent tunnel which allied infantry can travel through. 100 second cooldown.
Requires Default ability
Cost Dow2 energy 1665 Rt time 1610
Hive Node (Ravener Alpha)   
Dow2 Tyr hive node Unit(s) Ravener Alpha A defensive Hive Node capable of expelling Spore Clouds. Clouds protect allies and slow enemies within them.
Requires Default ability
Cost Dow2 req 16200 Dow2 pow 1620 Dow2 pop 165

Global abilities

Dow2 tyr catalyst Unit(s) Ravener Alpha Spurs a Tyranid unit into a suicidal frenzy, increasing its damage by 100% for 10 seconds but inflicting 50% of the unit's maximum health in damage over the duration of the ability. 45 second cooldown.
Requires Tier 1
Cost Dow2 global 1650
Without Number   
Dow2 Tyr without number Unit(s) All Tyranid heroes Spawns a Ripper Swarm at your base. Rippers are a weak melee unit very resistant to small arms fire and direct melee attacks, excellent at tying up ranged units. 240 second cooldown.
Requires Tier 2
Cost Dow2 req 1650 Dow2 global 16100
Mycetic Spores   
Dow2 tyr mycetic spores Unit(s) Ravener Alpha Calls down mycetic spores that do 50 explosive damage and ability knockback in radius 9, then spawn a Ravener Brood and allow allied infantry in radius 30 to reinforce. 300 second cooldown.
Requires Tier 2
Cost Dow2 req 16400 Dow2 global 16175
Dow2 Tyr tyranoform Unit(s) All Tyranid heroes After a 4 second delay, 7 Capillary Towers begin to erupt from the ground. The center tower emerges first, doing 300 explosive damage in radius 7. The three towers in the right and lower quadrants do 300 explosive damage in radius 10, while the three towers in the left and upper quadrants do 50 explosive damage in radius 7. All towers do ability knockback on emerging and emit a synapse in radius 45, affecting non-Warrior and non-hero allied Tyranids (increasing ranged damage by 15% and reducing received damage by 15%). 120 second cooldown.
Requires Tier 3
Cost Dow2 global 16500

Wargear abilities

Corrosive Shots   
Dow2 tyr corrosive devourer Unit(s) Ravener Alpha Increases damage against vehicles by 150% for 15 seconds. 50 second cooldown.
Requires Corrosive Devourer
Cost Dow2 energy 1640
Burrow (Ravener Alpha)   
Dow2 tyr burrow icon Unit(s) Ravener Alpha Burrows underground. Burrowed units move 25% slower but can bypass terrain obstacles, are immune to knockback, and count as being infiltrated. When the Ravener unburrows, it does ability knockback in radius 10. 10 second cooldown.
Requires Hardened Carapace
Cost Dow2 energy 1650
Burrow Trap   
Dow2 tyr burrow trap Unit(s) Ravener Alpha Plants an infiltrated burrow trap at the target location. When triggered, burrow traps do up to 150 explosive damage and weapon knockback in radius 7, as well as stunning any enemy unit caught in the blast for 10 seconds. 20 second cooldown.
Requires Burrow Trap
Cost Dow2 energy 1645 Rt time 165
Fleet of Claw   
Dow2 tyr synapse aura speed Unit(s) Ravener Alpha Increases speed by 3 for 10 seconds but reduces ranged damage by 80% and melee damage by 40%. 35 second cooldown.
Requires Strengthened Sinew
Cost Dow2 energy 1620
Damage Synapse   
Dow2 sm reactive strike Unit(s) Ravener Alpha The Ravener Alpha emits a synapse in radius 15 that increases the damage of allied Tyranid infantry by 30%.
Requires Damage Synapse
Cost Always active
Toxic Miasma   
Dow2 tyr toxic miasma Unit(s) Ravener Alpha Emits a toxic cloud that follows the Ravener Alpha, inflicting 7.5 damage per second to enemy infantry in radius 7. Drains Dow2 energy 164 per second.
Requires Toxic Miasma
Cost Dow2 energy 1610 then Dow2 energy 164 per second
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