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The Nob Squad is one of the most powerful melee infantry units in the game, and is particularly useful for assaulting heavily defended positions. Nobz are powerful anti-infantry units, being able to best most other melee specialists in 1 on 1 combat, and are also capable against vehicles due to their heavy melee weapons. Use of the meaner and greener upgrade is critical for the Nob Squad- the frenzy ability overcomes their primary weakness to heavy supression and grants temporary invulnerability, allowing them to take on even Assault Terminators and have a fighting chance. The huge hammers upgrade and nob leader are optional bonuses that will make your Nobz even more effective, but should not be taken instead of other more vital additions to your army such as tankbustaz for Anti-vehicle support. General strategy is to use them as the spearhead of assaults, where their massive health pool (for orks), good armour and the frezy ability will allow them to smash through enemy lines and destroy important units, allowing you other forces to follow up the assault.

Counter tactics

countering the nobz squad can be a difficult proposition- two squads of these massive orks can make a mess of even the most finely crafted defense. Despite their good anti-vehicle damage, the nobz are best countered by main battle tanks such as the Predator, which can exploit their slow top speed by continuously reversing away from them, while dealing high anti-infantry damage with its autocannon. Be careful however- ork players will try to counter this tactic with tankbustaz, so fast melee units are useful to keep these units away from your tanks. Imperial guard players will find this more difficult due to their lack of fast melee options- cloaked stormtroopers or catachans set to assault stance may close the gap to some degree, while the Leman Russ executioner upgrade offers 1.5x damage against the nobz damage type- just watch out for those tankbustaz.

Eldar can deal with them quickly by making clever use of Wraithguard combined with the various tools at their disposal. Kinetic Shot, Time Field, and Anti-Gravity Grenades will stop the Nobz in their tracks without regard for Frenzy's immunity to suppression, forcing them either to waste their frenzy to survive your Wraithguard while you have them locked down, or causing massive damage to them, often enough to force a retreat.