Dawn of War Wiki

Ork Lootas are the ork suppression squad but as all ork infantry they quite fragile

Ork Deff Gun

effective vs infantry both ranged\melee:

as all suppressor units they suppresses infantry which drastecaly lowers their speed and eliminates ranged attacks.

Weak vs Tanks

as tier 1 or other units that doesn't possess anti-tank weapons\abilities

Ork Shoota:

good vs Infantry both ranged and melee (not heavy infantry) as its the standar ork ranged weapon it has good strength agains light\medium infantry

weak vs Tanks as most standard weaponry on tier 1 Shootas has no effect on tanks or walkers


Beamy Deffgun:

good vs tanks\walkers: as the only upgrade to the lootas they gain a quite good anti-tank weapon not that but they also gain a boost in their weapon range but loses their suppression effect


WAAAGH!: increases nearby ork infantry\Heavy infantry stats by x orks that uses WAAAGH!

Hide Da Gunz: allows the squad to infiltrate but render them immobile, this can be used for surprise attacks or simply as a watchpost