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The Librarian is a very useful, fast and dangerous psyker only available to the Space Marines. Most Space Marine player forget about the Librarian in their eagerness to get a dreadnought, just because he is cheaper that doesn't mean he's bad you just need to infuse him into your build. For example, normally my first two choices for Tier two when I'm playing the Force Commander, is the Librarian and the D-Cannon Team, I upgrade my librarian with the "Tome of Time" so the D-Cannon can set up fast but also so I can rush in my Force Commander with his Power Fist, but with the combination of the Veil of Time, Sprint, Flesh over Steel, the D-cannon and a Melta Bomb from my assault marines that vehicle is dead not to forget his Smite ability with destroys groups of infantry.(Sry for Rant). It doesn't stop there he may also be upgraded with the Psychic Hood which grant him the Gate of Infinity which could be used to remove Terminators that are in a tight situation or save a retreating unit on the verge of death. Perhaps the most popular upgrade is the Force Staff whch gives him more melee damage and the Force Barrier which is great for removing units off the VPs or simply defending a weapons team from melee (All upgrades increase his health by 100). Overall the Librarian is and underrated Tier two choice that very adaptable and effective at pushing.

Tips: Don't allow him to run into melee he will die all too easy.

In very late game make him as a caper by using the quickening ability if you can't find anything for him to do.

Spam Smite as much as possible I will put pressure and bleed models.