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As with all vehicles of the Imperial Guard (Chimera, Baneblade, Sentinal), Guardsmen that can repair the Leman Russ are essential to any strategy for it. Ultimately though, the Leman is a vehicle that acts as a solution for when the opponent has essentially checkmated IG .

When Guardsmen can repair it, the Leman Russ is great for soaking up damage, taking punishment, and dishing it out. Often, your opponent will get some good anti-infantry abilities and units (since almost all of the IG units are infantry class). While IG usually play a defensive game, the Leman is the offensive solution. If you find yourself cornered in such a way, and you need to go on the offensive, the Leman Russ is the way to go.

The best thing about this tank is its knockback from the cannon. When coupled with the Guardsmen squads' ability to repair it, this makes it amazing for kiting a single target. Any melee units that try to take it down will have trouble, because yourwill back away from them, disrupting them with the Leman's primary cannon, while being repaired from Guardsmen, who are alternatively firing at the charging units. This allows you to counter even the best melee the enemy can throw at you.

As well, the Leman Russ is a decent anti-vehicle solution. Its Vanquisher Cannon can do the job from a distance. Sometimes, the opponent has a way of stopping your Ogyrns from reaching the enemy vehicles, detecting your Stormtroopers from flanking, and is too mobile for your Lascannon-equipped Heavy Weapons Team to set up in time. When this happens, the only solution is the mobile vehicle-destroying machine that is a Leman with a Vanquisher Cannon. A Leman Russ with Guardsmen repairing it can basically outlast any other vehicle (except, of course, Super Units).

One last note for the Leman. If you want to get it out of the engagement, you need to retreat your Guardsmen. All too often, Guardsman are not pulled back in time, which caused the Leman Russ to get bogged down in pathing and unable to escape. This is where the Commissar on Guardsmen comes in handy. With him, you can still have your Guardsmen retreat, your Leman get out of the way, and have your Guardsmen stop retreating to hold back the enemy tide. If you are not willing to commit to such a sacrifice, a Leman may not be a worthwhile investment.

Extra armor may be beneficial, if the circumstance warrants it, but ultimately it is the player's prerogative whether they consider it worth the cost.