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Enemies of the Emperor, take heed, the Space Marine Land Raider will be taking the field in Dawn of War II: Retribution. One of the most powerful battle tanks in the Imperium’s arsenal, the Land Raider carries a number of different types of weapons to deal with enemy threats, laying down a tremendous amount of fire. Capable of transporting troops and shrugging off attacks from all but the most destructive weaponry, the Land Raider is a major force on the battlefield whether it is supporting or spearheading an attack.

A late game behemoth, the Land Raider Redeemer is expensive and powerful. Although it is not particularly agile or quick, it’s dual Flamestorm Cannons spew enough fire to melt any infantry to get near. The Land Raider can serve as a base of operations for Space Marine players. With the Retreat Beacon activated, squads can quickly retreat to the Land Raider instead of the Space Marine base. Squads near the Land Raider can be reinforced, replacing lost squad members, and get back in the fight much more quickly than having to make the run to and from their base.

A Land Raider Redeemer parked near a strategically important sector, be it a power generator farm or Victory Point, can be a strong deterrent to enemy attack. Anything that comes close will have to be set to deal with a wall of fire, bolts, and frags.

However, the Redeemer pattern is somewhat short-handed against vehicles at long range, as it lacks lascannons that are the primary weapon of the Phobos pattern, and is limited to the pintle-mounted multi-melta.