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Ork Kommandos are the ork infiltration unit. They are an effective counter to heavy melee infantry such as Nobs and Ogryns, and can be used in combination with other units to wipe out entire armies. Their abilities include:

Burna bomb: this ability is good against groups of enemy infantry (watch out as the flames created can also damage your units) as it will deal massive damage over time that can wipe out enemy infantry squads in seconds. It is especially good when combined with Luv da Dakka! but to do this effectively you will need two squads.

Smoke bomb: good to use on your own boys if they engage in protracted ranged fights as the smoke bombs reduce ranged damage taken by 80% and suppression chance by 90% for all units within their area of effect. It can also be used to get melee troops into combat without being suppressed.

Infiltration: good if you want to scout ahead for weakpoints or avoid enemy suppression squads\melee units. Can also be used to sneak up on vulnerable enemy units, or to launch a surprise attack - Luv da Dakka can be used while infiltrated, but doing so will reveal the squad.

Luv da Dakka: Excellent if used in combination with other ranged units, but a really nasty trick is to use it in combination with the Ork global nuke - Roks, as it will disable enemy infantry clusters and prevent them from retreating, leaving them vulnerable to the Roks and preventing them from avoiding it. You can also use it in combination with the Stikkbommaz to great effect. Bear in mind when using it that it will also knock back any friendly units as well.

Upgrading the squad with a Nob leader gives the unit a limited anti-vehicle capacity as well, making them the perfect counter to Manticores as they can sneak up and eliminate them very quickly.