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Kommando Nob (KN) maybe weak but the point is not to lead the line like a Force Commander or a Warboss, being sneaky and trolly, traps and suprizeses... KN was designed for 1v1 and 2v2 matches.

Wut 're Theese Wepons?[]

Assashun's Knife (Tier 1)[]

Give you a melee knife and Assassinate ability. It is effective vs single target units such as enemy heroes. Still, Kommando Nob is not a warrior and you have Sluggas and Stormboyz. With just its self it is useless. You should combine with other wargear which might work good in melee build. Sometimes Assashun's Knife is very good to take away expensive models (warrior,tacs,zoan). Also it can counter good heroes like apothecary or Lictor alpha who are weak on HP.

Speshul Shoota (Tier 2)[]

Well, this is fun to use. A Ork with a shotgun! But, only reason to buy this thing is its High Explosive Shells ability. Huge damage to a bunch of infantry. Regular shots however are not very effective to anything. Still, this weapon rules but do not expect anything massive.

Rokkit Launcha (Tier 3)[]

Perfect anti-vehicle option in late games. It makes high damage maybe you shouldn't buy a gun until T3. Still, with only himself is not enough for taking down a vehicle so you will need other anti-vehicle support.

Wut Abot Armor?[]

Extra Equipment (Tier 1)[]

Increases health, health regeneration and energy. Because you will use his abilities too much, you will need that thing. It is not expensive eather so a good option.

Improved Camouflage (Tier 2)[]

Increases health buy 50 hp. WUT? Only 50? Yes it is. Still, you won't spend your energy for stealth so you may be more sneaky. Even you maybe able to de-cap victory points without problem. A good option for 1v1 matches.

Boom Time! (Tier 2)[]

Drops a stun bomb when KN falls back. There can be a synergy with Assashun's Knife. An option for a melee build.

Bring Da Akssesoriyz![]

Stikkbomz (Tier 1)[]

These things are always fun to use. But, there is a problem. The range to throw Stikkbombz is very, very short. Don't expect something like original Stikkbombz squads range. Still, you may combine with come close in stealth, throw Stunbomb and than Stikkbomb

Booby Traps (Tier 2)[]

Useful in every mathes. Plant 2 or 3 of these thing near of a victory point. When the enemy start to cap it, clik on the button and see what happens. Totally worth to buy it. In fact there is a problem. Its cooldown is 50 seconds so not as pratical as Techmarines mines.

Kaboom! (Tier 2)[]

A suicide weapon. A good option for a melee build. Come as close as you can, bring the Kaboom! Than you will have 2 second to fallback so not too dangerous for himself.