Dawn of War Wiki
Rt ig banewolf Bane Wolf Dow2 tier2 Equipped with a chem cannon, the Bane Wolf is a fast assault vehicle that belches toxic clouds of acidic poison gas.
Rt ig baneblade Baneblade Dow2 tier3 Super heavy battle tank armed with numerous weapons. Autofire on the main cannon is disabled. Use its abilities to fire from the main gun.
Rt ig devils squad Catachan Devils Dow2 tier1 Dow2 dec anti infantry ranged aoe Seasoned jungle fighters effective in close combat, who also carry versatile ranged weapons. Squad leaders are always the last to die. Can detect infiltrated units.
Rt ig chimera Chimera Dow2 tier2 Transports infantry units across the battlefield and allows nearby squads to reinforce. Loaded troops add to the Chimera's firepower.
Rt ig guardsmen Guardsman Infantry Squad Dow2 tier1 Dow2 dec anti infantry ranged Basic ranged unit effective against other ranged forces but weak in melee. Can be upgraded with squad leaders that increase the squad size. Leaders will be the last to die.
Rt ig heavy weapon squad Heavy Weapon Squad Dow2 tier1 Dow2 dec suppression Equipped with a Heavy Bolter that suppresses large groups of infantry, has a limited firing arc and requires set-up time. Can be upgraded to a Lascannon or an Autocannon.
Rt ig leman russ Leman Russ Dow2 tier3 A multi-purpose battle tank. Can be upgraded with weapons more effective versus infantry or vehicles.
Rt ig manticore Manticore Dow2 tier2 Mobile artillery unit that fires missile barrages.
Rt ig ogryn squad Ogryn Squad Dow2 tier2 Dow2 dec anti infantry melee 2 Ogryns are tough ogre-like brutes who excel in close combat and are excellent at disrupting enemy ranged units. Can be upgraded with a Bone 'ead.
Rt ig sentinel Sentinel Dow2 tier1 Fast and maneuverable vehicle that is fragile and vulnerable to small arms fire. Ideal for contributing to ranged fire fights or kiting melee units. Can de-capture points.
Rt ig stormtrooper squad Storm Trooper Squad Dow2 tier2 Dow2 dec anti infantry ranged 2 Elite ranged infantry equipped with hot shot lasguns. Can be upgraded to fulfill different roles.