Dawn of War Wiki
Dow2r ig hq Bastion The Imperial Guard HQ building. Produces most Imperial Guard units and allows reinforcing squads. Aura heals allied infantry.
Dow2r ig battlecannon Heavy Turret Dow2 tier2 A heavy turret equipped with a Vanquisher cannon, effective against all targets but especially vehicles. Can replace the cannon with an Executioner cannon, less effective against vehicles but more effective against infantry.
Dow2r ig bunker Imperial Guard Bunker Dow2 tier1 A garrisonable bunker to the battlefield. Can be upgraded to a medical bunker which heals and reinforces infantry, a repair bunker which automatically repairs vehicles, or booby trapped to deny its use to the enemy.
Dow2r ig tarantula multilas Multi-laser Turret Dow2 tier1 A stationary anti-infantry turret with limited firing arc. Does not suppress.
Dow2 ig generator Power Generator Dow2 tier1 Generates the Power resource.
Dow2r ig tarantula Tarantula Turret HQ defense turret armed with heavy bolters that can suppress enemy infantry. Limited firing arc.