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Howling Banshees (I'll write as HB), are melee warriors of Eldar army. They are really dangerous in T1 for slow moving armor units like Tac. Marines, CSM, Warriors since they have 5 power weapons. Their main mission is to attack and slay the enemy. Still, they don't have very much health (125 hp/model) so they need some support.

  • In T1 early games, try to use them as aggressively as you can. Your enemy may not have something to counter your HB, which can attack brutally. Always try to slay expensive armored heavy infantry like Tac. Marines. Your enemy will spend some money on reinforcing them, which will hurt his economy
  • They are too expensive and fragile to use to attack horde units (such as Ork Boyz). Firstly, they will not get the bonus damage from power weapons vs heavy infantry. Secondly, any slain enemy horde models will be cheap to reinforce, so you might probably lose economically for any fragile HBs are lost.
  • HB is very good at chasing retreating units since they can run fast. Retreating units takes more damage from melee and power weapons have bonus damage on heavy armor, making this very effective against Tacs and CSMs. If facing enemy HB (for any unit of any race), if you see some enemy HB running to your units, retreat early when they are still further away. Retreating while already in melee can cause more casualties instead.
  • In T2 and T3, you must support and protect them since there will be a lot of things to counter them. Leveling up and adding a leader to them is another way to survive. If their health is under 1/2, first get out of combat (if you can use fleet of foot, use it), then retreat.


Aspect of Banshee[]

First; grants the Fleet of Foot. It will help you about getting into the combat. Also, very effective and pratic. Get into the enemy line in lightning speed and slay them like crazy. This upgrade is very necessey and very scary for your enemy in T1. Secondly; is gives you War Shout ability, to suppress enemys. It shold be used vs hard combats. Vs ASM, use after the jump, for Sluggas wait for Waaagh, for Hormagaunts, use as soon as you can, but if they don't have support, save it.

Banshee Exarch[]

For a better slayer. Has 200 health, increases the speed of the squad, lowers the taken ranged damage with Fleet of Foot, gives you a heavy melee weapon if you already have Aspect of Banshee. Otherwise, she gets mirrorswords (twin power swords). She really fights very well, and she is always necessary for the Banshees to remain effective after the early game.