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Hormagaunt Broods are fast and do good damage, but have low health and their many models make them vulnerable to AoE attacks. The squad is fairly cheap to reinforce, but too many losses will bleed req and losing the entire squad is a 300 req hit.  

             Generally speaking its a bad idea to send them straight at ranged unit, particularly those with suppression/knockback effects/abilities. More often than not, they will be some combination of suppressed/kited and proptly gunned down. A better tactic is to first engage with ranged units or carnifex/tyrant guard to draw fire and then send in the hormagaunts from the flanks. You can also use them to attack from behind when feinting a retreat. If you can get them into melee without loosing too much health, they will murder ranged infantry and are very good at chasing down retreating squads.

Outside of combat, they are great for capping as their speed gets them to points quickly and they can retreat even faster if they run into trouble. Their good melee damage also allows them to beat most other races capping units 1v1.

Having a basic synapse on them is pretty much essential in a real fight and an upgraded warrior's melee synapse hugely benefits them with +75% bonus to health. Grouping a melee upgraded warrior with hormaguants is rarely a bad idea.The adrenal gland upgrade is well worth getting if you plan on using them for more than capping. It's 10% health/damage bonus is not huge, but the attacking leap is very helpful in closing the last few meters to melee range.