Heavy Hitter is a Steam achievement in Retribution.

Getting it[edit | edit source]

This is probably the most painful TLS achievement to get. You must play the Anvil of Khorne map, where there are six (6) super units per each complete play-through:

  • Wave 13: Swarmlord
  • Wave 16: Battlewagon
  • Wave 17: Avatar
  • Wave 18: Great Unclean One
  • Wave 19: Baneblade
  • Wave 20: Land Raider

You must personally kill 25 of these. This means a minimum of five complete play-throughs assuming you beat wave 20 each time and manage to avoid your teammates killing any super units. Since dying before wave 20 or not getting the final blow on a super is fairly common, 10 or more play-throughs is probably a more realistic estimate.

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