Dawn of War Wiki


Default abilities[]

Deployable Cover   
Dow2r ig deployable cover Unit(s) Guardsman Infantry Squad Construct cover (30 health, building, small) in the field. Cover blocks enemy melee troops and grants directional (heavy/green) cover to units behind it. Build time depends on # of Guardsmen (up to 6 models).
Requires Default ability
Cost Time (seconds)4.2–25 per block
Multi-laser Turret   
Dow2r ig tarantula multilas Unit(s) Guardsman Infantry Squad Construct a Multi-laser Turret; a light fire support turret that causes no suppression. Build time depends on the number of Guardsmen to build it (up to 6 models). Can be reclaimed to regain Dow2 req 1675 Dow2 pow 162.5 (salvage process takes Time (seconds)10).
Requires Default ability
Cost Dow2 req 16150 Dow2 pow 165 Dow2 pop 165 Time (seconds)10–60
Dow2 repair icon Unit(s) Various squads and heroes Repair an allied vehicle or building for 10 health per second. Does not work on biological units. Cooldown 5 seconds.
Requires Default ability
Cost None


Summary Execution   
Dow2r ig inspire determination Unit(s) Guardsman Infantry Squad The Commissar executes one of the Guardsmen for cowardice, instantly breaking the squad's retreat. Cooldown Time (seconds)60.
Requires Commissar
Cost 1 model