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Dreadnought is powerful unit in space marines arsenal and can be massive threat to enemy units in every situation. While expensive, it can turn tides of battles and save games.

With over 1200 hp in base form and 100 damage power melee, dreadnought is essentially tank in tier 2. Each punch is likely going to kill enemy model, while boosting surrounding space marines into combat frenzy with extra damage and suppression resistance. It can with emperor's fist shave off enemy melee units swarming your troops and it can easily scare enemy vehicles off with its high melee damage.in further levels and upgrades, it is able to achieve over 1700 hp! Making it able to sustain absurd amounts of damage. However, dreadnought is not unstoppable killing machine as it loves to look like. it cannot effectively attack while moving. Yes it can use its flamethrower against enemies its chasing and it does not require setup time with its upgrades, but it has to stop when it attacks, making it sitting duck to enemy fire. Its melee can be easily avoided by just backing up, because most space marine players won't chase foes too far to avoid being ambushed. This makes lascannons and other dedicated anti vehicle units nasty enemies, as slow walker turning and trying to get out of its line of fire is going to take a lot of damage. Also it can easily fall to chasing enemies as it has no means to attack while moving. But in right hands, dreadnought brings great suffer to enemy.

Dreadnought can be used in different manners. It can stay in its melee form, acting as effective anti melee unit and spearhead of assault. With assault cannon, it functions as ranged anti infantry platform, giving good damage from range. It also can deal with enemy blobs effectively with barrage, killing and knocking enemy infantry back, as well as destroying enemies in cover. With multi-melta, dreadnought can do decent damage against all targets, specifically the vehicles, however this makes it more vulnerable to enemy walkers, as melta dreadnought has weaker melee.