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Devastators are space marines reliable source of suppression and firepower. They give your army needed anti horde capabilities while they can be upgraded with other deadly equipment.

Compared to other weapon teams, such as shuriken cannon or heavy weapons team, devastators are quite slow to set up their guns, making them very vulnerable if caught off guard. However devastator have heavy infantry armor compared to other weapon teams, excluding chaos space marines, making them good in situation where suppression team is in thick of combat aswell. This allows it to handle enemies such termagaunts and guardsmen that can't make much damage before gun is set up and their melee is pathetic to stop them.

Space marine players that go with double tactical marines have to often decide do they go with assault marines or devastators. Assault marines give flexibility when player is on offense, but devastators allow you to deal with nasty enemy types, like banshees that are very risky enemies for assault marines.

Devastators can be further upgraded either being more versatile suppression platform with advanced targetting or towards anti vehicle firepower with lascannon. Advanced targetting does not add damage or other statistics, but it gives devastators vengeance rounds, that give momentary boost in damage with expense of suppression. Vengeance rounds are best used when enemy is in cover, where suppression won't effect them much or against vehicle. While its not enough to kill vehicles, it can certainly scare them off.

Lascannon sacrifices suppression and anti infantry firepower altogether for anti vehicle firepower. Lascannon does great amount of damage against vehicles and super heavy infantry, but it also causes vehicle to move slower when its hit by its shot. While it has slow rate of fire, it is reliable anti vehicle unit for later phases of the game, where suppression platforms become less effective.