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Damage types in Dawn of War II: Retribution define how much damage a weapon does against different armor types (such as infantry, heavy infantry or vehicle) and protection offered by cover types (light cover, heavy cover, garrisoned in a building, or standing in the open).

For example, piercing damage (most small-arms fire) does only 2% damage against vehicles, while explosive (usually anti-vehicle missile weapons) does full 100%. The piercing damage type is reduced to doing only 30% damage against units garrisoned inside a building, but flame damage type actually increases due to the confined space, causing a whopping 200% of its usual damage.

The damage type of each weapon is defined by its weapon family. Note that the damage types used in the campaign ("xp2"), The Last Stand ("core") and multiplayer ("pvp") modes are separate.

Multiplayer (pvp) damage types[]

The Last Stand (core) damage types[]

Campaign (xp2) damage types[]