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The Chimera is a fast, useful, reliable and effective transport vehicle only available to the Imperial Guard. Not only does the Chimera transport the loads of infantry to where they need to go it also reinforces them. The Chimera works hand in hand with Guardsmen, while the Guardsmen reinforce themselves they also can repair the Chimera which creates a mutual relationship between them. The Lord General a commander that excels at buffing infantry with his abilities like, "Back in the Fight!", "Incoming", and "Refractor Field" but when combined with the Chimera the combination is very powerful, if used correctly. For example, when the Chimera has reached the enemy and unloaded the infantry as well as the Lord General he can use all his abilities and when they wear off retreat back into the Chimera (If necessary). If a powerful Global is being used used against you like Dark Flames or Orbital Bombardment the Chimera provides cover.

In late game if your enemy has lots of anti-vehicle a Chimera and a Guardsmen squad equipped with flamers could provide a very effective and efficient way to "bash" generators, because it's fast very good at kill buildings (Flamers) and it provides a quick escape route).

A simple anti-vehicle weapon is more than enough to take down this transport that has no repair support or extra armor.

Chimeras are ideal for flanking a turret spammer because their fast and you can pump one out almost as soon as you get to t2 so you can over come the spammer(Pls don't spam no one likes playing with or against one)

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