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“These are the Blood Ravens: finest slaves of the dead Emperor. We owe them much more than a quick death.”
— Lord Eliphas the Inheritor


Chaos Space Marines are twisted fallen Space Marines, who have succumbed to the temptations of the foul energies of the Warp and dedicated themselves to the service of the Chaos Gods. Mixing strong infantry with daemonic forces, the Black Legion forces are led by Chaos Lord Eliphas the Inheritor, a mortal enemy of the Blood Ravens.

Developer introduction[]

The Chaos Space Marine campaign in Retribution is personal. It usually is when it involves Eliphas, who has made appearances in a few Dawn of War campaigns now. From the planet Kronus and the Dark Crusade to Aurelia, Lord Eliphas the Inheritor has plotted and schemed the destruction of the Blood Ravens. Now he is in the service of the Warmaster of the Black Legion, Lord Abaddon, and has promised the souls of every member of the Blood Ravens Chapter to the forces of Chaos in return for being restored from the grave. Lord Abaddon will expect nothing short of full delivery on this bargain.

The start of the Chaos Space Marine campaign in Retribution opens on the planet Typhon, where a heated battle is taking place with the Blood Ravens. Eliphas and his Chaos comrades are closing in on an old friend that he’s been tracking. It’s just the beginning of his mission to fulfill his bargain with Lord Abaddon.