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The Bloodcrusher is a lightly armored Daemonic Vehicle that's all about delivering incredible melee damage at high speed, low drag both in getting onto the field and in charging towards the enemy. The fact it is a vehicle means that it is nearly impervious to small arms, but if the enemy manages to get any anti-vehicle weaponry than its low HP pool will quickly leave it a smoldering wreck if you aren't careful.

All of this means that the Bloodcrusher best serves in a T2-rush strategy where the player attempts to use little to no power so that they can quickly reach Tier 2 and roll out a vehicle while the enemy is still stuck with T1 units and gear. At a thrifty price tag of Dow2 req 16350Dow2 pow 1660 the Bloodcrusher is perfect for this, taking only half as much power as a Dreadnought while bringing just as much destructive power to the table. Throw this at the enemy's units or even their base turrets and they will struggle to respond while you merrily capture all of the points on the map.

However, if you are more sluggish in reaching the second Tier or simply prioritize other things long enough for the enemy to bring out Anti-Vehicle weaponry than it is recommended you simply ignore this unit, as there are plenty of other things you can acquire that will bring just as much power to the table without being so squishy.