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Use it to crush your enemies.

Ensure that the Baneblade has at least some fire support to go with it. Having it alone without even a squad of guardsmen is the number one way to lose a super heavy.

Kiting Strategy[]

The Baneblade is one of the only two ranged superunits, and is certainly the one with more firepower and range. Often, an IG army with a Baneblade can outshoot any other faction. For many factions, standard strategy to combat a Baneblade is with a strong power-melee unit (Nobs, Assault Terminators, another melee superunit, upgraded hero), since the Baneblade has a certain minimum range for many of its weapons. The most effective way to deal with this is having 2-3 guardsmen squads on the sides constantly repairing the Baneblade as it backs up. However, the Baneblade is too slow to outrun most squads. As such, disruption is needed. Catachans (grenade launchers), heavy weapons teams (suppression, and can also repair) and Leman Russ' (rather expensive, but the cannon disrupts) can fill this in a limited role, but not all power melee can be suppressed. Ogryns (tie up in melee) are probably the best since they are still partially effective against vehicles and superunits. If you can master this strategy, a frontal assault on the Baneblade will almost never work.