Dawn of War Wiki

Tank with a flamer-equivalent that also slows the movement speed of its victims, the Banewolf is the inquisitorial answer to cover campers. Being just slightly over the cost of a chimaera, but with more health to make up for this, the Banewolf is very quick and designed to flush enemies out of cover or buildings. It does this remarkably well, as the slowing effect of its main gun prevents enemies from falling back properly and will either force a rout or cause massive casualties. In my sincere opinion, either one is fine.

It also comes with an ability, which is very similar to that of the plague champion. The tank fires a thick glob of toxic goo at the target location, creating an area of effect (AOE) that dramatically slows the movement speed of enemies within, as well as causing damage over time. Combined with other units, such as the Heavy Weapons Team, Catachans or the Manticore, the Banewolf can be pivotal in ruining whatever plans the enemy has.

Even more awesomely, the Banewolf is (and can only be) called to the field of battle by using the related Inquisitor global ability. This means that the Banewolf can be dropped off anywhere, at any time (starting at tech 2) as soon as the Inquisitor has enough resources available. This also makes the arrival of the Banewolf an interresting way to get the drop on an unsuspecting enemy, which can turn even the most well-prepared defenses into a molten toxic goop.

The tank, unfortunately, comes with just two drawbacks. First, while the usable ability does not suffer from it, the main turret on the Banewolf has really short range, which is to be expected from a flamer-equivalent. This means that it almost always has to lead the charge into the enemy ranks. While this does mean your units can use the Banewolf as a source of mobile heavy cover, it also means that anti-tank weapons will probably tear it to pieces in short order. Secondly, only the Inquisitor commander can summon this baby, and only by using a global, which requires expenditure of racial resource. This means that summoning the Banewolf can mean that the Inquisitor will not be able to summon more globals for the foreseeable future. Thankfully, the Imperial Guard is full of units that can repair vehicles, so taking good care of your precious Banewolf should not be an issue at all!