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The Autarch is quite a unique unit in the game because it is not trained or created as other units are. It is actually called upon from the global ability bar, where you can call in game changing powers like the Eldritch Storm.

The Autarch descends to the battlefield when called in from the global ability bar. The unit can be dropped into any hot spot on the map, provided you have line of sight on the drop zone. A volley of grenades dropped from the sky precedes the Autarch, and you can strategically place where each of the grenades lands. Do you want them all to drop on an enemy strong point? No problem. Want one to fall on each of the three enemy squads you’re facing? Done. While they’re picking up the pieces, the Autarch lands to engage the survivors.

With the versatility of being called in anywhere your forces are, the Autarch can be just what you need to swing the outcome of a critical battle in your favor. Once the battle is won, use Skyleap to return the Autarch to the global ability bar to be called on at a reduced cost, and with another volley of grenades to announce its arrival.