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Map Argus Outskirts
Briefing The Greenskins have taken over a hamlet outside Argus. This hamlet sits on a vital supply route, and all of Calderis could fall if we do not dislodge them. Sergeant Avitus and his squad of Devastator Space Marines held the hamlet alone, but they were finally overwhelmed. You must retake the hamlet and drive the Orks back. To aid in this, I am assigning Sergeant Cyrus and his squad of Scouts to your command. His infiltration expertise should prove invaluable.
Objectives Retake the Imperial Settlement
Reward Improved Power Armor


  • Primary Objective: Secure the Drop Zone
  • Primary Objective: Destroy the guard tower
  • Primary Objective: Revive Sergeant Avitus
  • Primary Objective: Capture the Beacon
  • Primary Objective: Retake the Imperial Settlement
  • Primary Objective: Protect Argus Village


Welcome to Calderis

For completing this mission – and Stand With Your Brothers, which you must have won to get to this mission in the first place – you receive the "Welcome to Calderis" achievement for 15 Gamerscore.



This walkthrough assumes Primarch difficulty.

This is another simple introductory mission. You gain control of Cyrus's squad upon beginning the mission. Edge southward and stay in cover; the Orks will attack and be easily put down. Now set Cyrus on stealth and move to the marked position behind the rocks (you can turn off stealth upon reaching the cover). Throw a demolition charge at the tower, which will topple; the Orks outside will run east.

Revive Avitus and capture the beacon to reinforce his squad. Move east; leave Avitus and another squad (either Tarkus or Cyrus) on the left side of the wall, Avitus set facing north; take your Commander and the other remaining squad around from the south to take out the Orks standing around. Another mob will attack from the north and get shot to pieces by Avitus and the crew (remember to use his Focus Fire ability).

Move north and then west; set up Avitus at the location marked for you. There will be a large Ork mob coming up, so make sure everyone else is in green cover as well. Remember to use grenades, Focus Fire and Cyrus's suppression ability. If you lose someone, there's a beacon right ahead.

Now capture the final beacon and reinforce squads if necessary. Put Avitus in the building as directed and everyone else in green cover. The first Ork rush comes from the north; use grenades and/or demo charges to even the odds. Watch out for Ork grenades! They have a large blast radius and can easily take out a squad or two. Once you get rid of the north mob, there will be another from west, so adjust your positions accordingly.

Once the Orks are killed, the mission ends. Your next mission must be either Skykilla's Raid or Target: Gutrencha.

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