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Requisition is a resource in Dawn of War, Dawn of War II, and Dawn of War III[1] (and expansions) that allows deploying infantry units, vehicles, and buildings. Requisition is awarded for capturing and holding certain key locations on the battlefield. Some basic infantry units may only cost Requisition, while advanced units and research options usually demand the Power resource as well.

Dawn of War[]

Wa strategic point

A Strategic Point in Dawn of War – Winter Assault, about halfway to being captured by a squad of Imperial Guardsmen

In Dawn of War and its expansions, the player starts with a small amount of Requisition – marked with the Requisition icon – and a small Requisition income, meaning that the player's Requisition resource will slowly increase. To boost their Requisition income, the player must control said key locations on the map. There are three types:

  • Strategic Points (seen right) are the basic Requisition-producing map feature. The player must claim one with an infantry unit – this will take a while – after which their Requisition income will increase. Enemy units can take it away, however, so the player has the option to fortify the location by building a structure, called a Listening Post for most races, on top of it, forcing the enemy to destroy the structure before claiming the Strategic Point. The structure can also be upgraded with weapons and better armor to defend itself.
  • Critical Locations are more valuable than Strategic Points, take longer to capture, and cannot have Listening Posts built on them. Controlling a majority of the Critical Locations on the map is also often a condition for winning a multiplayer game.
  • Relics take longer to capture than Strategic Points, but can have Listening Posts on them. Controlling a Relic is also required for the player to build his most advanced units.

Building a Listening Post will increase the Requisition income of a Strategic Point or Relic, and upgrading the structure will further enhance the bonus. In Dawn of War, the Requisition income of all three location types will decrease over time, eventually stopping at ⅓ of the original value.

Dawn of War II[]

Dow2 requisition point

A Requisition Point in Dawn of War II, currently belonging to the player and producing +30 Requisition

In Dawn of War II, the Requisition resource – now marked Requisition – basically functions the same way, but with some streamlining.

First of all, there is only one type of key location that provices Requisition, intuitively named as the Requisition Point. These new Requisition Points are captured just like the Strategic Points in Dawn of War, but cannot have any fortifications built on them.

Additionally, the amount of Requisition they produce will increase over time instead of decreasing. Presumably these changes were made to make multiplayer games more active and to motivate players to go take away the opponent's closest Requisition Points.