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Remains of the Dark Age
Dawn of War II campaign mission
Location Techpriest Station
Briefing Commander, we finally have the location of the astronomic array. The array is powered, but we cannot establish a clear communications link with it. You must get to the array and manually upload its data on the Tyranid Swarm. This will allow us to find a critical weakness in the Hive Fleet.
Objectives Re-align the Ancient Relay
Intelligence Expect very large numbers of hostile creatures.
Some Orks have already reached the array.
Notes Bio-Feedback: Victory reduces infestation (-3)
Reward Doom of Traitors


  • Primary Objective: Access the Ancient Ruins
  • Primary Objective: Secure the Astronomic Array
  • Primary Objective: Retrieve the Power Cell from the Orks
  • Primary Objective: Return to the Astronomic Array
  • Primary Objective: Proceed to extraction point
  • Secondary Objective: Kill the Lictor



For completing this mission, you receive the "Astronomical!" achievement for 30 Gamerscore.


Map (Techpriest Station)

This walkthrough assumes Primarch difficulty.

The mission is not very difficult, and it shouldn't matter very much who you take along. You do need to take out one Wartrukk and one Deff Dredd, though, so prepare for some anti-vehicle capacity.

The first objective is to reach a generator in the southeast corner. The very first clearing you reach has a bunch of Orks and Tyranids fighting each other; the Wartrukk is here. Kill whoever seems to be winning to make them sap each other. When you proceed to the SE corner, a Deff Dredd comes through the woods and you have to take it out. There's no-one else to split your attention, so this shouldn't be very hard this far into the game.

When you activate the generator to open the gate, a Lictor will appear and kill one of your "redshirt" squad members. It escapes, but you'll have a chance to get back later.

Proceed north through the gate to find a minor Ork encampment. It will be attacked by Tyranids as soon as you approach. You can sneak Cyrus close to bomb them with relative impunity. Otherwise, just stay in cover and shoot at both parties from cover. You can usually capture the beacon to reinforce your squads mid-fight without anyone stopping you.

Proceed west over the bridge to kill a few lone Orks and find the astronomical array, which is being stripped by Ork looters. They escape and you must hunt the ruins for the right Ork (who has a vital part). Just go around the map clockwise until you find it. There's nothing special here, just small groups of Ork infantry – although there's some infiltrated Kommandoz that may ambush you. Having Cyrus will help at this point, as he can detect them before they attack.

When you have the part, you can activate the array properly. You now have two options: leave or fight the Lictor who killed your redshirt. No reason not to, so head to the northeast corner. The Lictor is annoying, as it will one-shot your redshirts and disappear to regenerate its health. When you get the cue, start smashing bushes to prevent it from hiding. When those are gone, it will die relatively fast. Setting up turrets can help here, and using Rosarius at the right time can save a man or two from being one-shotted with the Flesh Hooks attack.

The mission is won when you either activate the extraction beacon or kill the Lictor.

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