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Raid against the Warboss
Dawn of War II campaign mission
Location Tangier High Pass
Briefing Commander, the time has finally come to end the Ork threat with one crushing blow. We have finally located the Ork horde's most powerful chieftain. Warboss Bonesmasha has led his Orks against Imperial holdings across three worlds. The fear he inspires has been driving the Ork invasion. Bonesmasha is the ultimate leader of all the Orks you have faced since your arrival in the sub-sector. He will not rest until he has conquered the sector. And so long as he remains alive, the Orks will continue to undermine any defenses we deploy against the Tyranids. Bonesmasha must be stopped, once and for all.
Objectives Eliminate Warboss Bonesmasha
Intelligence This target is vulnerable to plasma attacks.
Armored vehicles defend this target.
Notes Super-Elite: Enemy forces are very powerful.
Reward Crusade Eternal (level 18 epic Terminator armor)


The Warboss

For completing this mission, you receive the achievement "The Warboss" for 30 Gamerscore.


Map (Tangier High Pass)

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