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Power is a resource in Dawn of War, Dawn of War II, and Dawn of War III[1] (and expansions). The Power resource is accumulated by maintaining generator structures. It is required for research (upgrade) options and deploying advanced units, especially vehicles. Setting up a Power infrastructure requires some Requisition to invest.

Dawn of War[]

In Dawn of War, the Power resource – marked with the Power icon – is gathered by building plasma generators, which can be freely placed anywhere on the map (inside a Control Area, of course). Each player can normally have up to six generator structures per one HQ building. Additionally, some maps have special locations called Slag Deposits, which can have a more powerful "thermal plasma generator" built on them. Normal generators degrade over time, their Power income rating decreasing.

Dawn of War II[]

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Dow2 power node

Activated Power Node and three Eldar-built generators in Dawn of War II, belonging to the player and producing +39 Power

In Dawn of War II, the mechanic for Power – now identified with the Power symbol – is somewhat different. Players can no longer build generators where they wish, but must instead capture special Power Node locations on the battlefield. Holding a Power Node will grant a small Power income and allow building a support structure on it, upgrading it into an Activated Power Node, which increases the Power value and forces enemies to destroy the structure in order to claim the Power Node. When a Power Node is activated by a player, they can additionally build up to three generators around it to further boost its Power production.

If a player destroys an opponent's Activated Power Node and then captures the Power Node without destroying the surrounding generators, the generators will remain and work for the new owner.