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The Orks are a faction that specialize in brute force melee combat and a direct assault against the enemy. As the game progresses, they eventually will have the ability to train Slugga Boys for free, allowing the Orks to spam mass them against the enemy to a great effect. Although this will reduce the quality of their units substantially, players can simply toggle their unit production buildings to train Slugga Boys indefinitely automatically and direct them to the enemy. While this reduces the need to micromanage unit production and allows the player to swarm the enemy, this ability also allows the player to achieve economic supremacy by wearing down the resource income of the enemy through constant attrition and opposition.

Although they do have ranged weaponry options, they have shorter range compared to other factions and they mostly serve to supplement their melee units which are arguably among the best in the game. Despite being a strictly offensive civilization, they can also be played defensively and can counterattack rushes from other factions with their own defenses. Unlike other factions from Dark Crusade and beyond, the Orks have the ability to construct an indefinite amount of turrets for defensive purposes and securing their territory. Ork buildings also have ranged weapons mounted on top of them, allowing them to resist melee units more effectively.




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Heavy Infantry[]



All Ork buildings (except for Generators) act as turrets. The most dangerous ones are Waaagh! Banners and Da Listening Posts, which can be upgraded with heavy weapons. Orks need a certain amount of Waaagh! Banners to build anything but basic units and structures; the banners also raise their unit caps.