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The Neverending Hail of Devastation is a Heavy Bolter in the Dawn of War II and Chaos Rising campaigns.

Weapon Stats[]

Damage: 22.0
Attack Speed: 10
Accuracy: 18%
Range: 34m


  • Scatter Damage, Suppression, Requires Setup
  • Does not require reloading
  • 31% chance per hit of:
    • +54 Damage to all nearby enemies
    • Knock back the target on hit


Scores of xenos were cut down like chaff, but still they came. Bolts ripped through their lines as the Blood Ravens desperately held the line against their endless foe to protect their fallen sergeant. When the bulk of the second company arrived in response to the distress calls, the body of Sergeant Martinus remained untouched by alien claws, and the last remaining battle brother collapsed... still firing his heavy bolter.


  • Boss
  • Mission reward