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Neroth is a Chaos Sorcerer in the Chaos Space Marines campaign in Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II – Retribution. He serves the Chaos God Tzeentch and is part of the Black Legion.


The Chaos Sorcerer Neroth is an agent of Lord Abaddon, sent to ensure that Eliphas fulfils his bargain. Although he follows Eliphas’ orders, he does so only because that is what Abaddon currently requires of him. Neroth revels in destruction and is always keen to see the next sacrifice, be it a squad of Space Marines, a city, or a planet. As a sorcerer, Neroth uses the power of the Warp to summon allies such as Bloodletters, or let loose destructive forces such as his Doombolts which damage and knock back enemies. His Chains of Torment ability, which is unlocked at later levels, summons daemonic chains that suppress and tie up enemy infantry. There are few threats that Neroth and the forces that he draws upon from the Warp can’t deal with.