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Monster of Meridian
Dawn of War II campaign mission
Location Spire Golgotha
Briefing Commander, a massive beast is tearing through our undermined defenses. This creature and its brood have already laid waste to a dozen levels of the spire and nothing seems able to stop them. The whole spire will be overrun in a matter of days if this horror isn't stopped. I have no other forces to deploy against it, Commander. You are the only hope.
Objectives Locate and destroy the Tyranid nests
Eliminate the Carnifex
Intelligence Swarms of Gaunts and other hive creatures defend this target.
Synaptic Generators enhance nearby Tyranid enemies.
Notes Search & Destroy: Several enemy camps are located on the map
Bio-Feedback: Victory reduces infestation (-3)
Reward Random


  • Primary Objective: Destroy the Synaptic Generators (0/4)
  • Primary Objective: Eliminate the Carnifex
  • Primary Objective: Destroy the Tyranid Hive (0/1)


Map (Spire Golgotha)

This mission can be surprisingly tough, especially if your infestation rating is high. There are tons of Tyranid nests around, unmarked on the map because they are not objectives. You will be waist deep in swarms of light units coming from every direction, your ranged units tied up and melee units unable to move because of 20 Hormagaunts and 50 Rippers are suffocating them. Taking stuff like the Orbital Bombardment Beacon, Signum, grenades, demolition charges, the Cyclone Missile Launcher, etc. will help in clearing away nests and nodes, hopefully along with some collateral Tyranids. Even though you need to kill a couple of Carnifexes, the swarms are a much bigger problem. Avitus with a heavy bolter is a must, and the Dreadnought – with his barrage and ground punch abilities – should be helpful too. Don't forget to consider mobility gear (jump/teleport packs) either.