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Minos Iceworks
Retribution - Tyranid campaign mission
Location Aurelia - Minos Iceworks
Objectives Claim the Digestion Pool
Destroy the Chaos Portal
Destroy the Bloodletter Summoning Shrines
Return to the Digestion Pool
Kill the Dreadnought and Noise Machines
Reward Spore Mine Drop. One of Crippling Scything Talons, Improved Infiltration for Genestealer Squad, or Flesh Hooks for Lictor.

Minos Iceworks is the fourth mission in the Tyranid campaign.


The common features found in this map:

  • Shrines to Khorne will warp in Chaos enemies.
  • Shrines to Tzeentch camouflage enemies.
  • Worhsip increase speed and damage of nearby allies.
  • Chaos energy barriers are scattered throughout the map. They will disperse when the chaos energy portal is destroyed.

Of these notes, the first three tend to make combat harder. As always, focus you attacks on these features to ensure you don't get overwhelmed.

Claim the Digestion PoolEdit

Head to the left, destroying enemies en route. There is a capturable building before the bridge, and a few enemies behind cover on the bridge. The other end of the bridge has a turret, and two shrines to Tzeentch to camouflage enemies until they attack.

When you reach the digestion pool, you'll see it's covered by a barrier.

Destroy the Chaos PortalEdit

Head to the chaos portal on the other side of the map. You will need to go through the center.

Capture the headquarters near the portal. You will need to use that to reinforce units, close to the portal.

When attacking the portal, it will occasionally make attacks - either directly infront of it, or through a wide meteor shower.

Destroy the bloodletter summoning shrinesEdit

There are two bloodletter shrines to the left and right of the portal.

Destroying both of the shrines are worth +100 xp.

Return to the Digestion PoolEdit

The enemy will reclaim the area near the digestion pool. Additionally, the bridge you previously used will become blocked.

You will also encounter vehicles on the way back. Make sure you have at least some anti-vehicular units.

The digestion pool itself is guarded by a Dreadnought, and three chaos noise machines.