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Lord of Wraiths
Dawn of War II campaign mission
Location Capital Spire
Briefing Commander, we have detected a major Eldar incursion. A large alien force has struck a series of Imperial Guard positions and civilian transport hubs in rapid succession. A powerful Wraithlord walker reportedly led the attack. The alien host is retreating, but we have managed to keep sight of them. We need you to strike before the Wraithlord escapes.
Objectives Destroy the Wraithlord
Reward Superior Plasma Gun (level 10 common plasma gun)


  • Primary Objective: Destroy the Wraithlord


Map (Capital Spire)

This walkthrough assumes Primarch difficulty.

The mission is simple, requiring you to wade through Eldar infantry – have to deal with a Wraithlord in the lower central area (south of the triad of beacon markers) and a Falcon northwest near the Imperial Shrine – to the boss arena and kill a Wraithlord boss protected by Seer Council Warlocks. Your main concern on the rest of the map is also Seer Councils, which can decimate several squads if they can surprise you. Scouting with Cyrus helps prevent this; if you can distract the Seer Councils with a melee unit (Force Commander with an iron halo or Thaddeus with the Aegis of Fury trait), they are quite killable with some focused fire.

In addition to the Warlocks, you should keep an eye out for Ranger snipers and heavy weapon platforms (especially D-cannon). These make good targets for High-Powered Shot. Larger concentrations with several valuable/dangerous units can be bombed (Signum artillery strike or a remote detonation pack).

When you reach the boss arena, you will find the Wraithlord surrounded by a circle of Seer Council units that one-shot your men with their lightning attack. Sneaking Cyrus in to leave a remote detonation explosive (or Orbital Bombardment, or some Signum strikes) will take care of them easily, otherwise attacking will prove costly even before you reach the boss itself. If you don't have anything left to take them out in advance, attacking and retreating to draw them in Avitus's fire may work. Remember that blind grenades work on Warlocks.

If you can remove the Warlocks, the Wraithlord itself is not very tough. Sure it has a lot of health, but leading it around while you shoot it and/or hit it from behind with power weapons will bring it down. Just don't stand still and let it hit you. Throwing explosives whenever it stops and luring it on top of a remote detonation pack will speed things up.