File:PowerClawIcon DoW.jpgFile:PowerFistCommon.pngFile:PowerFistLegendary.png
File:PowerSwordRareCorrupt.pngFile:PowerSwordsWargearChaos.jpgFile:PredatorLascannon DoW.jpg
File:PredatorTwin-LinkedLascannon DoW.jpgFile:Predator Annihilator.pngFile:Predator Destructor.png
File:Predator icon.jpgFile:PrideoftheTechpriests.pngFile:Priest.png
File:Psyker.pngFile:Psyker Blast.gifFile:PulseofJonas.png
File:PuritySealPure.pngFile:PuritySealRare.pngFile:Quick Strike.gif
File:R map 2p ashes of typhon.pngFile:R map 2p calderis refinery.pngFile:R map 2p green tooth gorge.png
File:R map 2p green tooth jungle.pngFile:R map 2p hive city.pngFile:R map 2p ice station obelis.png
File:R map 2p judgment of carrion.pngFile:R map 2p legis high stratum.pngFile:R map 2p leviathan hive.png
File:R map 2p outer reaches.pngFile:R map 2p quests heresy.pngFile:R map 2p siwal frontier.png
File:R map 4p ashes of typhon.pngFile:R map 4p calderis refinery.pngFile:R map 4p desert showdown.png
File:R map 4p golgotha depths.pngFile:R map 4p hydris chasm.pngFile:R map 4p judgment of carrion.png
File:R map 4p medean cliff mines.pngFile:R map 4p ruins of argus.pngFile:R map 4p selenon fissure.png
File:R map 6p angel gate.pngFile:R map 6p argent shelf.pngFile:R map 6p argus desert gate.png
File:R map 6p ashes of typhon.pngFile:R map 6p calderis refinery.pngFile:R map 6p capital spire.png
File:R map 6p judgment of carrion.pngFile:R map 6p siccaris plateau.pngFile:R map 6p tiber outpost.png
File:R map 6p typhon arena.pngFile:R map 6p white walls of calderis.pngFile:R map ffa ashes of typhon.png
File:R map ffa calderis refinery.pngFile:R map ffa judgment of carrion.pngFile:R map ffa white walls of calderis.png
File:RaimentofSmoke.pngFile:RampageIcon DoW.jpgFile:RangedStance icon bw.jpg
File:Ranger.pngFile:Ranger Ronahn.jpgFile:Rare Armor.jpg
File:Relic00016.jpgFile:Relic logo.jpgFile:RemoteDetonationPack.png
File:Repair.jpgFile:Research blessed ammo.jpgFile:Research infantry range.jpg
File:Research krak grenades.jpgFile:Research martyrs gift.jpgFile:Research zealot charge.jpg
File:Resource power.gifFile:Resource requisition.gifFile:Ret ork battlewagon.jpg
File:Ret ork battlwagon2.jpgFile:Ret tyr lineup.jpgFile:Ret tyr swarmlord2.jpg
File:Ret tyr swarmlord wraithlord.jpgFile:Ret tyranid swarmlord.jpgFile:Ret tyranidcampaignhero.jpg
File:Retri CC content.jpgFile:Retri CE content.jpgFile:Retri adrastia portrait.png
File:Retri campaign selection.jpgFile:Retri cover csm.jpgFile:Retri cover eld.jpg
File:Retri cover ig.jpgFile:Retri cover ork.jpgFile:Retri cover sm.jpg
File:Retri cover tyr.jpgFile:Retri csm chaoscampaignheroes01.jpgFile:Retri csm chaoscampaignheroes02.jpg
File:Retri csm chaoscampaignheroes03.jpgFile:Retri csm chaoscampaignheroes04.jpgFile:Retri csm eliphas inventory.jpg
File:Retri csm heroes 01.jpgFile:Retri csm heroes 02.jpgFile:Retri csm heroes 03.jpg
File:Retri csm neroth prerelease.jpgFile:Retri csm noise marines.pngFile:Retri csm noise marines2.jpg
File:Retri csm noisemarines04.jpgFile:Retri csm race pack.jpgFile:Retri csm squad selection.jpg
File:Retri csm varius 01.jpgFile:Retri eld campaign heroes.jpgFile:Retri eld race pack.jpg
File:Retri eldar autarch1.jpgFile:Retri eldar campaign units.jpgFile:Retri eldarcampaignheroes01.jpg
File:Retri eldarcampaignheroes02.jpgFile:Retri eldarcampaignheroes03.jpgFile:Retri eldarcampaignheroes04.jpg
File:Retri ig baneblade.jpgFile:Retri ig heroes merrick.jpgFile:Retri ig race pack.jpg
File:Retri ig sentinels.jpgFile:Retri ig troopers.jpgFile:Retri land raider 01.jpg
File:Retri landraider.jpgFile:Retri mp loading screen.jpgFile:Retri ork camp heroes 01.jpg
File:Retri ork camp heroes 02.jpgFile:Retri ork camp heroes 03.jpgFile:Retri ork camp heroes 04.jpg
File:Retri ork race pack.jpgFile:Retri sm campaignheroes1.jpgFile:Retri sm campaignheroes2.jpg
File:Retri sm campaignheroes3.jpgFile:Retri sm gameplay.jpgFile:Retri sm race pack.jpg
File:Retri sm vehicles.jpgFile:Retri tyr race pack.jpgFile:Retri tyr swarmlord 01.jpg
File:Retribution.jpgFile:Retribution collectors.jpgFile:Rhino icon.jpg
File:Rokkit.pngFile:Rokkit Fist.gifFile:Ronahn.jpg
File:Rosarius.pngFile:Round cr.pngFile:Round csm.png
File:Round dark eldar.pngFile:Round dc.pngFile:Round dcb.png
File:Round dow1.pngFile:Round dow1b.pngFile:Round dow2.png
File:Round eldar.pngFile:Round ig.pngFile:Round necrons.png
File:Round orks.pngFile:Round r.pngFile:Round sm.png
File:Round sob.pngFile:Round ss.pngFile:Round ssb.png
File:Round tau.pngFile:Round tls.pngFile:Round tyranids.png
File:Round wa.pngFile:Round wab.pngFile:Rsps pking
File:Rt The Last Standalone.jpgFile:Rt ach a proper waaagh.jpgFile:Rt ach a trail of blood behind him.jpg
File:Rt ach acceptable losses.jpgFile:Rt ach advanced multiplication.jpgFile:Rt ach all in a days work.jpg
File:Rt ach allies to the cause.jpgFile:Rt ach along for the ride.jpgFile:Rt ach angel of death.jpg
File:Rt ach aspect warriors.jpgFile:Rt ach battle brothers.jpgFile:Rt ach battle team.jpg
File:Rt ach blood god.jpgFile:Rt ach bringer of change.jpgFile:Rt ach cant touch dis.jpg
File:Rt ach chaos star.jpgFile:Rt ach conqueror.jpgFile:Rt ach defenders of the imperium.jpg
File:Rt ach domination.jpgFile:Rt ach dominator.jpgFile:Rt ach easy campaign.jpg
File:Rt ach elite.jpgFile:Rt ach es a zogging nurse.jpgFile:Rt ach exarch.jpg
File:Rt ach exploiter.jpgFile:Rt ach exterminatus.jpgFile:Rt ach flawless victory.jpg
File:Rt ach for the dark gods.jpgFile:Rt ach for the fallen.jpgFile:Rt ach fury of the primarchs.jpg
File:Rt ach gladiator.jpgFile:Rt ach grab me the paddles.jpgFile:Rt ach great devourer.jpg
File:Rt ach hail the champion.jpgFile:Rt ach hard campaign.jpgFile:Rt ach hardcore.jpg
File:Rt ach heavy hitter.jpgFile:Rt ach heresy.jpgFile:Rt ach hold the line.jpg
File:Rt ach let the sector burn.jpgFile:Rt ach magic missiler.jpgFile:Rt ach maledictus.jpg
File:Rt ach manipulator.jpgFile:Rt ach manner please.jpgFile:Rt ach megakill.jpg
File:Rt ach nice hat.jpgFile:Rt ach none shall pass.jpgFile:Rt ach normal campaign.jpg
File:Rt ach overlord.jpgFile:Rt ach plague father.jpgFile:Rt ach sector savior.jpg
File:Rt ach sector savorer.jpgFile:Rt ach spammer.jpgFile:Rt ach superheavy smackdown.jpg
File:Rt ach sweeping advance.jpgFile:Rt ach teched up.jpgFile:Rt ach terminator.jpg
File:Rt ach the better they look.jpgFile:Rt ach the sharpest wrench.jpgFile:Rt ach the swarm.jpg
File:Rt ach the warrior born.jpgFile:Rt ach there can be only one.jpgFile:Rt ach traitors.jpg
File:Rt ach usurper.jpgFile:Rt ach very hard campaign.jpgFile:Rt ach veteran victor.jpg
File:Rt ach waaaagh.jpgFile:Rt ach we stand together.jpgFile:Rt ach winning rush.jpg
File:Rt ach wisdom of the ancients.jpgFile:Rt ach with manner.jpgFile:Rt animated retreat fail.gif
File:Rt camp csm.jpgFile:Rt camp csm.pngFile:Rt camp eld.jpg
File:Rt camp eld.pngFile:Rt camp ig.jpgFile:Rt camp ig.png
File:Rt camp ork.jpgFile:Rt camp ork.pngFile:Rt camp sm.jpg
File:Rt camp sm.pngFile:Rt camp tyr.jpgFile:Rt camp tyr.png
File:Rt cover heavy.pngFile:Rt cover light.pngFile:Rt csm bolt pistol common.png
File:Rt csm bolter common.pngFile:Rt csm bolters.pngFile:Rt csm chain axe common.png
File:Rt csm chainsword common.pngFile:Rt csm force sword common.pngFile:Rt csm missile launcher common.png
File:Rt csm noise marines.pngFile:Rt csm staff lava line.pngFile:Rt csm sword of flame.png
File:Rt dark angels dlc 01.jpgFile:Rt dark angels dlc 02.jpgFile:Rt dark angels dlc 03.jpg
File:Rt dark angels dlc 04.jpgFile:Rt dark angels dlc promo.jpgFile:Rt eld autarch.png
File:Rt eld death spinner common.pngFile:Rt eld destructor common.pngFile:Rt eld energy field.png
File:Rt eld executioner common.pngFile:Rt eld executioner legendary.pngFile:Rt eld fleet of foot.png
File:Rt eld fusion gun legendary.pngFile:Rt eld leap.pngFile:Rt eld long rifle common.png
File:Rt eld power sword common.pngFile:Rt eld powerblades common.pngFile:Rt eld shuriken catapult common.png
File:Rt eld shuriken pistol common.pngFile:Rt eld singing spear common.pngFile:Rt eld skyleap.png
File:Rt eld twin death spinner common.pngFile:Rt eld warlock hero.pngFile:Rt eld witchblade common.png
File:Rt eld witchblade rare.pngFile:Rt icon 32.pngFile:Rt ig baneblade.png
File:Rt ig banewolf.pngFile:Rt ig brazier legendary.pngFile:Rt ig catachans 01.jpg
File:Rt ig catachans 02.jpgFile:Rt ig chimera.pngFile:Rt ig chimera 01.jpg
File:Rt ig commissar lord.jpgFile:Rt ig commissar lord.pngFile:Rt ig crossbolt pistol legendary.png
File:Rt ig devils squad.pngFile:Rt ig guardsmen.pngFile:Rt ig guardsmen 01.jpg
File:Rt ig guardsmen 02.jpg
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