Gorgon PlateGorgutz 'Ead 'UnterGorkanaut
Greater Bionic ImplantsGreater Contemplation of the CodexGreater Gene Seed Renewal
Greater Hypnotherapy RitesGreater Oath of PenanceGreater Rites of Marksmanship
Greenskin ArmorGreenskin AssassinGreenskin Weaponsmith
Grenade LauncherGrim SilenceGrowling Hate
Guardian of FaithGuilliman's ExampleGurmun's Pass
Hail of FuryHalo of FuryHammer of Cadia
Hammer of KiwonHammer of VigorHammer of Wrath and Shield of Iron
Hammer of the SwiftHammer of the WorthyHand of Calder
Hand of FuryHand of MercyHand of Rage
Hand of TrythosHand of the Hive MindHate of the Xenos
Hauberk of FaithHeart of the JustHeavy Bolter
Heavy Bolter DevastatorHeavy Bolter of ResilienceHeavy Bolter of Vigor
Heavy FlamerHeavy Weapons AptitudeHellfire Pistol
Helm of CommandHephaestus' RefugeHerald of the Coming Doom
Heraldry of Davian ThuleHeraldry of Gabriel AngelosHeresy's Reach
Hidden KnowledgeHigh-level DOW 3 streamsHigh Precision Teleporter
Hive InfestationHive LordHivekiller Bolt Pistol
Holy Arms of the ChampionHoly Bolter of PurificationHoly Mantle of Elizur
Holy TruthHonor of TerraHonor of the Blood Ravens
Honored Fury of the VeteranHonored SilenceHood of Alacrius
House VandisHowl of the Black KnightHumble Supplication
Hymn of FuryHymn of PurgationHymn of Zeal
Hypnotherapy RitesIce and BloodIdranel of Ulthwé
Imbalanced Fist of LonginusImmortal PurgationImmovable
Imperial GuardImperial Guard/Dawn of WarImperial Guard (Chaos Rising)
Imperial Knight PaladinImperium of ManImproved Bolt Pistol
Improved BolterImproved ChainswordImproved Grenade Launcher
Improved Heavy BolterImproved Melta GunImproved Plasma Pistol
Improved Power ArmorImproved Power FistImproved Scout Armor
Improved Sniper RifleIndrid CastsInferno Launcher
Inferno of BaalInitiate's Lesson of StrengthInitiate's Respite
Inspiring Oath of LoyaltyInto the HiveInvincible Crown of Victory
Invocation of the PrimarchsIronclad DreadnoughtIronfist
IrrideneIsador's FollyIsador Akios
Ixil's HammerJain ZarJalaganda Lowlands
Jonah OrionJoril's CastigationJudgment of Carrion
Judgment of the KhanJump PackJupiter Thunder
KainKaptin BluddflaggKaurav City
KauravaKaylethKeys to the Past
Khorne's WhisperKier HarradKill Team Ironmaw Squad
Kiraly's RetributionKraken BoltsKrakentooth
KronusLacunaeLament of Mars
Lamentation of HereticsLance of Furious DawnLance of Polyphemus
Lance of the AngelLands of SolitudeLarraman's Atonement
LascannonLascannon DevastatorLaurels of Hadrian
Laurels of the CrusaderLeader's Armor of FuryLeader's Armor of Wrath
Left Hand of GabrielLeft Hand of the JustLegis Uprising
Lessons of the VeteranLibrarian's Armor of VigorLibrarian Armor
LibrariansLight of SalvationLight of the Astronomican
Lightning ClawListening Post (Chaos Space Marines)Listening Post (Space Marines)
Litanies of VigorLitany of FuryLitany of Hate
Loading screen tipsLocator BeaconLord General Castor
Lord of ChaosLord of WraithsLorn V
LucanusLyssander's JudgmentMacha
Machine CultMachine PitMad Dread
Mail of the ImmortalsMaledictumMalleus Terminatus
Manifest DeathManifest FuryMantle of Holy Fury
Mantle of StoneMantle of the CodicierMantle of the Great Father
Manus MaledictusMarconiaMarhal's End
Mark of ExitusMarksman Assault CannonMarksman Boltgun
MartellusMartyr's FervorMaster-Crafted Assault Cannon
Master-Crafted Bolt PistolMaster-Crafted BolterMaster-Crafted Chainsword
Master-Crafted Combat ShotgunMaster-Crafted Dreadnought PlatingMaster-Crafted Flamer
Master-Crafted GrenadesMaster-Crafted Heavy BolterMaster-Crafted Lascannon
Master-Crafted Librarian ArmorMaster-Crafted Melta GunMaster-Crafted Missile Launcher
Master-Crafted Plasma GunMaster-Crafted Plasma PistolMaster-Crafted Power Armor
Master-Crafted Power AxeMaster-Crafted Power FistMaster-Crafted Power Sword
Master-Crafted Scout ArmorMaster-Crafted Sniper RifleMaster-Crafted Storm Bolter
Master of the HiveMastery of SpaceMasticator
Matchless Savagery of RussMaul of HereticsMeganobz
Melta Bomb PackMelta GunMephitic Perdition of Flies
Merciful Extermination of SinMerciless TruthMercy of Celestine
Mercy of RussMeridianMight of Moriah
Might of the UndyingMight of the UnforgivingMighty Heavy Bolter
MikelusMine Field (Chaos Space Marines)Mine Field (Space Marines)
Minos IceworksMinos Iceworks (Retribution)Miracle of Displacement
Missile LauncherMister NailbrainMonse
Monster of MeridianMonstrous MightMordecai Toth
MoriahMyrmidon PlateNaaman's Silence
Nan YanoiNecron LordNecron Overlord
NecronsNeophytic PrideNeroth
Never-Ending Hail of ObliterationNeverending Hail of DevastationNimble Lascannon
NirraeinNobzNorth Vandea
Nostrum's FarewellOath of Ceaseless FuryOath of Loyalty
Oath of PenanceOath of Uncompromised VictoryOath of Victory
Oath of the CrucibleOath of the CrusaderOath to the Artificers
Obsidian RavenOf Fire and BloodOmnis Arcanum
Optically Enhanced Assault CannonOptically Enhanced Lascannon
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