File:Dow2 tyr cap tower.pngFile:Dow2 tyr carnifex icon.pngFile:Dow2 tyr carnifex portrait.png
File:Dow2 tyr catalyst.pngFile:Dow2 tyr charge icon.pngFile:Dow2 tyr corrosive devourer.png
File:Dow2 tyr crippling poison.pngFile:Dow2 tyr crippling poison icon.pngFile:Dow2 tyr default carapace.png
File:Dow2 tyr devourer icon.pngFile:Dow2 tyr devourer ravener ap.pngFile:Dow2 tyr devourer tls.png
File:Dow2 tyr enhanced muscle coil icon.pngFile:Dow2 tyr flesh hook.pngFile:Dow2 tyr focused warp blast icon.png
File:Dow2 tyr genestealer rending claws.pngFile:Dow2 tyr genestealers icon.pngFile:Dow2 tyr genestealers portrait.png
File:Dow2 tyr hive tyrant 01.jpgFile:Dow2 tyr hive tyrant 02.jpgFile:Dow2 tyr hive tyrant 03.jpg
File:Dow2 tyr hive tyrant icon.pngFile:Dow2 tyr hive tyrant portrait.pngFile:Dow2 tyr hormagaunt movie.jpg
File:Dow2 tyr hormagaunts icon.pngFile:Dow2 tyr hormagaunts portrait.pngFile:Dow2 tyr infiltrate.png
File:Dow2 tyr leech essence.pngFile:Dow2 tyr level 2 hive icon.pngFile:Dow2 tyr level 3 hive icon.png
File:Dow2 tyr lictor alpha 01.jpgFile:Dow2 tyr lictor alpha 02.jpgFile:Dow2 tyr lictor alpha 03.jpg
File:Dow2 tyr lictor alpha 04.jpgFile:Dow2 tyr lictor alpha icon.pngFile:Dow2 tyr lictor corrosive claws.png
File:Dow2 tyr lictor elite jump.pngFile:Dow2 tyr lictor energy glands.pngFile:Dow2 tyr lictor feeder tendrils.png
File:Dow2 tyr lictor icon.pngFile:Dow2 tyr lictor loner.pngFile:Dow2 tyr lictor pheromone.png
File:Dow2 tyr lictor poison cloud.pngFile:Dow2 tyr lictor portrait.pngFile:Dow2 tyr lictor retreat.png
File:Dow2 tyr lictor scything talons.pngFile:Dow2 tyr lictor toxic miasma.pngFile:Dow2 tyr lictor upgrade.png
File:Dow2 tyr mycetic spores.pngFile:Dow2 tyr pheromone cloud.pngFile:Dow2 tyr psychic scream ability.png
File:Dow2 tyr rampage.pngFile:Dow2 tyr ravener acid splatter.pngFile:Dow2 tyr ravener alpha 01.jpg
File:Dow2 tyr ravener alpha 02.jpgFile:Dow2 tyr ravener alpha 03.jpgFile:Dow2 tyr ravener alpha icon.png
File:Dow2 tyr ravener crippling talon.pngFile:Dow2 tyr ravener gaunts.jpgFile:Dow2 tyr ravener portrait.png
File:Dow2 tyr raveners icon.pngFile:Dow2 tyr ripper.pngFile:Dow2 tyr ripper portrait.png
File:Dow2 tyr shieldwall.pngFile:Dow2 tyr spore cloud.pngFile:Dow2 tyr spore cysts.png
File:Dow2 tyr spore cysts global.pngFile:Dow2 tyr spore detonation.pngFile:Dow2 tyr spore mines icon.png
File:Dow2 tyr spore mines portrait.pngFile:Dow2 tyr stalk.pngFile:Dow2 tyr synapse aura speed.png
File:Dow2 tyr talons default.pngFile:Dow2 tyr termagant icon.pngFile:Dow2 tyr termagant portrait.png
File:Dow2 tyr terrify.pngFile:Dow2 tyr toxic burst.pngFile:Dow2 tyr toxic miasma.png
File:Dow2 tyr toxin sacs icon.pngFile:Dow2 tyr tunnel.pngFile:Dow2 tyr tyrant guard icon.png
File:Dow2 tyr tyrant guard portrait.pngFile:Dow2 tyr venom brood icon.pngFile:Dow2 tyr venom brood portrait.png
File:Dow2 tyr venom cannon carnifex.pngFile:Dow2 tyr venom cannon legendary.pngFile:Dow2 tyr warp field icon.png
File:Dow2 tyr warrior vanguard.pngFile:Dow2 tyr warriors icon.pngFile:Dow2 tyr warriors portrait.png
File:Dow2 tyr wp hive knockback.pngFile:Dow2 tyr wp hive venom cannon.pngFile:Dow2 tyr wp lictor scything talons.png
File:Dow2 tyr zoanthrope icon.pngFile:Dow2 tyr zoanthrope portrait.pngFile:Dow2 vanguard wargear.jpg
File:Dow2 vengeance for davian thule minimap.pngFile:Dow2 wargear chainsword.pngFile:Dow2 wargear combat shotgun.png
File:Dow2 wargear dreadnought claw.pngFile:Dow2 wargear eld anti-grav grenade.pngFile:Dow2 wargear eld enhanced warp jump generator.png
File:Dow2 wargear eld entangling web.pngFile:Dow2 wargear eld heavy gauge ds.pngFile:Dow2 wargear eld improved targeters.png
File:Dow2 wargear eld improved warp generator.pngFile:Dow2 wargear eld phase armor.pngFile:Dow2 wargear eld powerblades.png
File:Dow2 wargear eld shimmer orb.pngFile:Dow2 wargear flamer.pngFile:Dow2 wargear heavy bolter.png
File:Dow2 wargear heavy flamer.pngFile:Dow2 wargear missile launcher.pngFile:Dow2 wargear plasma cannon.png
File:Dow2 wargear plasma gun.pngFile:Dow2 wargear plasma pistol.pngFile:Dow2 wargear sniper rifle.png
File:Dow2 wargear storm bolter.pngFile:Dow2 wargear thunder hammer.pngFile:Dow2 wargear thunder hammer and storm shield.png
File:Dow2 warp travel.jpgFile:Dow2 weapon burst default.pngFile:Dow2 weapon melee default.png
File:Dow2 weapon single default.pngFile:Dow2 wg assault cannon default.pngFile:Dow2 wg bolt pistol common.png
File:Dow2 wg bolt pistol default.pngFile:Dow2 wg bolt pistol epic.pngFile:Dow2 wg bolt pistol herald of the coming doom.png
File:Dow2 wg bolt pistol left hand of gabriel.pngFile:Dow2 wg bolt pistol pistol of baal.pngFile:Dow2 wg bolt pistol rare.png
File:Dow2 wg bolter blighted.pngFile:Dow2 wg bolter default.pngFile:Dow2 wg bolter epic.png
File:Dow2 wg bolter rare.pngFile:Dow2 wg heavy bolter common.pngFile:Dow2 wg heavy bolter default.png
File:Dow2 wg heavy bolter epic.pngFile:Dow2 wg heavy bolter rare.pngFile:Dow2 wg heavy bolter scourge.png
File:Dow2 wg neverending hail.pngFile:Dow2 wg purge of victory bay.pngFile:Dow2 wil battle lust.png
File:Dow2 wil commanders load out large.pngFile:Dow2 wil drop bays large.pngFile:Dow2 wil focus mastery.png
File:Dow2 wil holy vigor.pngFile:Dow2 wraithlord vs dreadnought.jpgFile:Dow2cr acc chaos lord daemonic visage.png
File:Dow2cr arm chaos lord drain armor.pngFile:Dow2cr arm chaos lord enrage armor.pngFile:Dow2cr arm chaos lord inferno armor.png
File:Dow2cr chaos lord.jpgFile:Dow2cr corruption popup.jpgFile:Dow2cr csm autocannon.png
File:Dow2cr csm bilious discharge.pngFile:Dow2cr csm blood maul.pngFile:Dow2cr csm blood runes.png
File:Dow2cr csm blood sacrifice.pngFile:Dow2cr csm bloodletter warp.pngFile:Dow2cr csm bloodletter warp shift.png
File:Dow2cr csm bloodlust.pngFile:Dow2cr csm chaos lightning claw.pngFile:Dow2cr csm charge juggernaut.png
File:Dow2cr csm consume lord.pngFile:Dow2cr csm daemonic roar.pngFile:Dow2cr csm daemonic summoning.png
File:Dow2cr csm dark halo.pngFile:Dow2cr csm destructive strike.pngFile:Dow2cr csm empyreal abyss.png
File:Dow2cr csm immolate.pngFile:Dow2cr csm kill the weak.pngFile:Dow2cr csm lord iron halo.png
File:Dow2cr csm malignant blindness.pngFile:Dow2cr csm mass warp.pngFile:Dow2cr csm sweeping doom.png
File:Dow2cr csm warpfire.pngFile:Dow2cr devastator bloodcrusher.jpgFile:Dow2cr sm storm bolter corrupt.png
File:Dow2cr ulkair movie 01.jpgFile:Dow2cr ulkair movie 02.jpgFile:Dow2r angel gate orks vs ig.jpg
File:Dow2r angelos godsplitter.jpgFile:Dow2r army level icon.pngFile:Dow2r ass termie ultramarines.jpg
File:Dow2r ass termie ultramarines dlc.jpgFile:Dow2r autarch cover art.jpgFile:Dow2r autarch warlock.jpg
File:Dow2r cover example.jpgFile:Dow2r csm blastmaster.pngFile:Dow2r csm cacophony.png
File:Dow2r csm heavy bolter common.pngFile:Dow2r csm powersword common.pngFile:Dow2r dark angels dlc.jpg
File:Dow2r death korps dlc.jpgFile:Dow2r death korps dlc 01.jpgFile:Dow2r death korps dlc 02.jpg
File:Dow2r death korps dlc 03.jpgFile:Dow2r death korps dlc 04.jpgFile:Dow2r death korps dlc 05.jpg
File:Dow2r death korps dlc 06.jpgFile:Dow2r death korps dlc 07.jpgFile:Dow2r death korps dlc 08.jpg
File:Dow2r eld autarch armor.pngFile:Dow2r eld autarch portrait.pngFile:Dow2r eld farseer ulthwe.png
File:Dow2r eld summon autarch.pngFile:Dow2r eld wp1 destructor rare.pngFile:Dow2r eld wp1 twin death spinner rare.png
File:Dow2r eld wp farse witchblade doombringer.pngFile:Dow2r eld wp farse witchblade sky gauntlets.pngFile:Dow2r eld wraithsword common.png
File:Dow2r fc aestas dlc.jpgFile:Dow2r fc blood ravens 01.jpgFile:Dow2r fc blood ravens 16.jpg
File:Dow2r fc blood ravens 45.jpgFile:Dow2r fc blood ravens 46.jpgFile:Dow2r fc blood ravens 60.jpg
File:Dow2r fc dark angels dlc.jpgFile:Dow2r fc ultramarines dlc.jpgFile:Dow2r ig airdrop mines.png
File:Dow2r ig assail.pngFile:Dow2r ig assault kit.pngFile:Dow2r ig aura of discipline.png
File:Dow2r ig back in the fight.pngFile:Dow2r ig baneblade 01.jpgFile:Dow2r ig banewolf.png
File:Dow2r ig basilisk flare.pngFile:Dow2r ig battlecannon.pngFile:Dow2r ig bionic eye.png
File:Dow2r ig bunker.pngFile:Dow2r ig cadian trooper.pngFile:Dow2r ig carapace armor.png
File:Dow2r ig catachans 01.jpgFile:Dow2r ig catachans level 6.jpgFile:Dow2r ig commander portrait.png
File:Dow2r ig commi krieg.jpgFile:Dow2r ig commissar lord.pngFile:Dow2r ig commissar lord krieg.png
File:Dow2r ig creeping barrage.pngFile:Dow2r ig crippling volley.pngFile:Dow2r ig def formation.png
File:Dow2r ig demoman.pngFile:Dow2r ig deployable cover.pngFile:Dow2r ig devils portrait.png
File:Dow2r ig distribute medkit.pngFile:Dow2r ig double time.pngFile:Dow2r ig emperors wrath.png
File:Dow2r ig executioner.pngFile:Dow2r ig fire demolisher.pngFile:Dow2r ig fire main gun.png
File:Dow2r ig flak armor.pngFile:Dow2r ig flames.pngFile:Dow2r ig frag missile.png
File:Dow2r ig general armour epic.pngFile:Dow2r ig general armour legendary.pngFile:Dow2r ig general armour rare.png
File:Dow2r ig grenade launcher common.pngFile:Dow2r ig grenade launcher epic.pngFile:Dow2r ig ground pound.png
File:Dow2r ig guardsmen krieg.jpgFile:Dow2r ig guardsmen leader.pngFile:Dow2r ig guardsmen squad commissar.png
File:Dow2r ig guardsmen vox operator.pngFile:Dow2r ig holy bullet.pngFile:Dow2r ig holy bullet 02.png
File:Dow2r ig holy pyre.pngFile:Dow2r ig hq.pngFile:Dow2r ig impenetrable.png
File:Dow2r ig infiltrate.pngFile:Dow2r ig infiltrated stormtroopers.pngFile:Dow2r ig inquisitor armour epic.png
File:Dow2r ig inquisitor armour legendary.pngFile:Dow2r ig inquisitor death korps dlc.jpgFile:Dow2r ig inquisitor portrait.png
File:Dow2r ig inquisitor portrait krieg.pngFile:Dow2r ig inquisitor toggled shield.pngFile:Dow2r ig inspire courage.png
File:Dow2r ig inspire defiance.pngFile:Dow2r ig inspire determination.pngFile:Dow2r ig inspire terror.png
File:Dow2r ig invisibility.pngFile:Dow2r ig krak missile.pngFile:Dow2r ig lasgun epic.png
File:Dow2r ig lasgun legendary.pngFile:Dow2r ig lead by example.pngFile:Dow2r ig leman russ.png
File:Dow2r ig loyal to the end.pngFile:Dow2r ig manticore shot.pngFile:Dow2r ig meltagun common.png
File:Dow2r ig meltagun epic.pngFile:Dow2r ig ogryn squad leader.pngFile:Dow2r ig powerfist common.png
File:Dow2r ig powerfist epic.pngFile:Dow2r ig promethium strike.pngFile:Dow2r ig purgation.png
File:Dow2r ig purgatus.pngFile:Dow2r ig refractor field.pngFile:Dow2r ig sabre common.png
File:Dow2r ig sarge.pngFile:Dow2r ig sentinel missile.pngFile:Dow2r ig sentinel portrait.png
File:Dow2r ig sentinel screenshot 1.jpgFile:Dow2r ig sentinel screenshot 2.jpgFile:Dow2r ig shotgun common.png
File:Dow2r ig sniper rifle epic.pngFile:Dow2r ig sniper squad targeted grenades.pngFile:Dow2r ig stand firm.png
File:Dow2r ig surgical strike.pngFile:Dow2r ig take aim.pngFile:Dow2r ig tarantula.png
File:Dow2r ig tarantula multilas.pngFile:Dow2r ig valkyrie bombing run.pngFile:Dow2r ig valkyrie support.png
File:Dow2r imperial guard loading.jpgFile:Dow2r land raider ultramarines.jpgFile:Dow2r lord general cover art.jpg
File:Dow2r lord general death korps.jpgFile:Dow2r lord general death korps 01.jpgFile:Dow2r ogryns krieg.jpg
File:Dow2r ork acc mekboy force field.pngFile:Dow2r ork acc mekboy prox mines.pngFile:Dow2r ork acc mekboy uber generator.png
File:Dow2r ork arm mekboy battery pack.pngFile:Dow2r ork arm mekboy earthquake machine.pngFile:Dow2r ork arm mekboy electric armor.png
File:Dow2r ork big shoota.pngFile:Dow2r ork choppa common.pngFile:Dow2r ork choppa rare.png
File:Dow2r ork huge choppa.pngFile:Dow2r ork shoota.pngFile:Dow2r ork slugga.png
File:Dow2r ork sluggas charging.jpgFile:Dow2r ork weirdboy bells.pngFile:Dow2r ork weirdboy copper rod.png
File:Dow2r ork weirdboy whistles.pngFile:Dow2r ork wp1 burna.pngFile:Dow2r ork wp1 kustom shoota.png
File:Dow2r ork wp1 mekboy deffgun.pngFile:Dow2r ork wp2 choppa default.pngFile:Dow2r scouts decorator screenshot.jpg
File:Dow2r sm devastator ultra dlc.jpgFile:Dow2r sm dreadnought ultra.jpg
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