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Kayleth is a female Eldar Autarch and the lead character of the Eldar campaign in Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II – Retribution.


Kayleth is cold, curt, and pragmatic. She is a master of the art of warfare and strategy, focused on victory and how best to achieve it for her people in each engagement. As a master warrior, she has an arsenal of lethal abilities at her disposal to throw the enemy off balance or eliminate them. Her standard Jump ability will put her right in the thick of the fight, where Kayleth truly shines. A fully upgraded ability called Skyleap far exceeds the distance that the Jump ability allows her to cover, and along the route of her travel during the leap volleys of grenades drop. This path of destruction is followed by Kayleth dropping in just as the dust begins to settle, to lay waste to any survivors.