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Kain is a Chaos Space Marine equipped with Power armor and basic weapons. He is one of the heroes in the Chaos Space Marines campaign in Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II – Retribution. Kain is a member of the Black Legion. Kain like Varius never speaks or talks directly during the Campaign.


Ever eager to please, Kain is an Aspiring Champion in the service of Eliphas. He is willing to go to any end to gain the attention and favor of the Dark Gods, making him almost as dangerous to those around him as to his enemies. Kain can be specialized to fight in a variety of ways as you level him up. He can become a heavy weapons specialist, no longer having to take the time normally needed to set up these weapons before use. As Kain’s power grows he can call directly on the power of the Warp, opening a rift that can reinforce allied units and trap enemies within it.