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Ice and Blood
Chaos Rising campaign mission
Location Minos Iceworks
Briefing Commander, now is the time to strike back. The Black Legion is operating from a well-fortified industrial facility on Planet Aurelia. You must break into that complex and defeat the traitors within. "What do we know about this facility?" It is a geothermal power station. House Vandis established it soon after Planet Aurelia re-emerged from the Warp. It appears to be the center of their dealings with the Black Legion. "What about defenses?" Expect to face heavily entrenched Black Legion troops. Imperial Guard forces have already deployed to establish a beachhead. They report that the enemy has raised a void shield to protect key areas of the station. Bring that shield down and purge the facility, Commander.
Objectives Eliminate the Chaos forces
Allowing the Imperial Guard base to be destroyed will corrupt deployed squads
Intelligence The facility is defended by large numbers of enemy infantry.
The enemy has taken up positions in many hardened structures and bunkers.
Reward Lascannon (level 18 common lascannon)


  • Primary Objective: Eliminate the Chaos Positions
  • Primary Objective: Capture the Power Station to the Northwest
  • Secondary Objective: Secure the Communications Array
  • Corruption Risk: IG HQ destruction will corrupt deployed squads
    • HQ starts at 100% health on Recruit
  • Primary Objective: Destroy the Chaos Temple


  • Allow the Imperial Guard HQ be destroyed (+4 Corruption to all deployed squads)



You have to go for the array real quick. I played on Primarch - don't know if the artillery is as fast on lower difficulty. I barely evaded corruption there.

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