Dawn of War Wiki
Map Argus Settlement
Flag Prime Gene Sample
Briefing Commander, orbital sensors have located a powerful Tyranid target. This creature of the Zoanthrope genus exists to channel the psychic might of the Hive Mind. Victory here will help us on all fronts, Commander. We will push the infesting swarm back a step, gaining us precious time. We will also gain valuable information that could help us locate a primary hive.
Objectives Locate and destroy the Tyranid nests
Purge the Zoanthrope
Search & Destroy Several enemy camps are located on the map
Bio-Feedback Victory reduces infestation (-3)
Bonus Intelligence Swarms of Gaunts and other hive creatures defend this target.
Brood Nests and Hives summon additional Tyranid enemies.
Reward Power Fist



This walkthrough assumes Primarch difficulty.

Here you will need anti-infantry (swarm) power, so Avitus with heavy bolter is a must, Cyrus is helpful for his stealth-bombing and scouting abilities.There are a number of buildings to blow up, but they are weak ones and go with frag grenades or even normal weapons. There is one Carnifex, though. Taking the Rosarius can help with him, and you want it for the boss anyway.

You start at the NE corner. Go west to be rid of the Carnifex, which is between the Automated Foundry and the northernmost relay beacon. If you have remote detonation packs, lure him on one and good riddance. If not, Rosarius + power weapon + plasma gun. When you get that one down, you only need to worry about small ones.

Advance to clear the nests in the central area (three objective markers between the assets) in any order you like. Coming through the center (from NE) can be tough, though, as you can get attacked from two directions at once by Tyranid spawns, so you may want to come from whichever asset you needed to capture. Remember that if you play on Primarch, you can't really let elite ranged units (e.g., venom cannons) shoot at anything more fragile than a Force Commander with Iron Halo on, sitting in heavy cover. High-Powered Shot between the eyes is the correct greeting for those a**holes.

When you have cleared the other nests and have the SW corned to go, stop to think. There's the main base, with a major hive structure, brood nests, generators, and the boss Zoanthrope. If you let that guy fire, it's going to be one squad per shot, so don't. You'll run out of squads before he runs out of... whatever it is that Zoanthropes shoot. Use Cyrus to scout and see what buildings you can take out with hit & run attacks. Cyrus can toss a demo charge and run, and Tarkus should be able to get away with frag grenade over the wall + retreat before getting fried.

When you have most of the generators etc. down, attack the Zoanthrope. You can use Signum → Rosarius → blind grenade → melee units in and everybody else fire away. You should have him easily by then. If you didn't win the mission, rest is mop-up.