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Galan is an Apothecary serving in the Blood Ravens Honor Guard at the time of Dawn of War II: Chaos Rising. Before being assigned in the Honor Guard by Azariah Kyras, Galan served in the 5th Company.

Dawn of War II: Chaos Rising[]

WARNING: This article includes spoilers on Chaos Rising

He was possessed by a daemon while on board the Judgment of Carrion. He was killed during the events of Dawn of War II Chaos Rising.

Recoding 1[]

This is Galan. I no longer know how long I have been on this forsaken derelict. So many brothers dead... and the Voice of Ulkair cackles from every shadow... It is hungry... it wants the holy gene-seed in each of us... I must hide the reductor vials... even the daemon cannot know the entire space hulk...

Recording 2[]

Librarian Kyras grows more morose by the hour. He is a mighty asset against the things lurking in this ancient space hulk, but he does little to keep our faith strong. At Morning Prayers he recounted a great battle on a lost world named Aurelia. A terrible daemon beset this planet, and summoned mighty warp storms. Blood Ravens faced the daemon in a terrible battle at a chapter keep. This should have inspired us all, but Kyras made it a tale of woe. He described his brothers dying one by one to bind this daemon, but called their sacrifice pointless. And somehow, even before Kyras mentioned it, I knew this creature's name. Ulkair.