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Gabriel Angelos is the Chapter Master of the Blood Ravens during the Dawn of War series. He has appeared in the games Dawn of War, Dawn of War II, Dawn of War II: Chaos Rising, Dawn of War II: Retribution, and Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III as well as the novels Dawn of War, Ascension and Tempest. He also appeared in the short story The Trials of Isador.


According to Dawn of War II, Angelos is widely considered to be the finest living example of his Chapter and one of the notable heroes in the Chapter's whole history. He was born on Cyrene, one of the Blood Ravens recruiting worlds, which was destroyed by an Exterminatus–ordered by Angelos himself for reasons undisclosed – shortly before Dawn of War.

Captain Angelos is a long-standing commander of the 3rd Company, renowned for his victory against the forces of Chaos during the Tartarus campaign and another solid defeat delivered to the Tau Empire in the Targa system between Dawn of War and Dawn of War II. He has a reputation of delivering success even when facing impossible odds.

The Fall of Cyrene[]

Many years later, with an entire company of Blood Ravens under his command, Gabriel returned to Cyrene, to preside over the Blood Trials and recruit new members into the Chapter. But Gabriel found something very wrong during the trials, and cut them short. He quickly returned to his strike cruiser, and sent a coded signal out of the system. Within months of the signal, ships of the Inquisition and the Imperial Navy appeared over Cyrene, executing an Exterminatus bombarding it for a week straight until nothing on the planet remained alive. All records of the incident, including Gabriel's message to the Inquisition, have been sealed, but Gabriel himself carries the guilt of his actions with him to this day, particularly during the battles on the planet Tartarus.

The reason for Gabriel's guilt was simple. When the Imperial fleet had arrived in orbit above Cyrene, it had first despatched a full Brotherhood of the Grey Knights, alongside a detachment of Storm Troopers and the Blood Ravens already present to cleanse the suspected Chaos infestation. But what they discovered was not the usual forms of Chaos corruption but a world in the midst of a great cultural change, ready to throw off the shackles of the Imperial Creed and embrace forbidden ideas such as planetary democracy, free trade with xenos species, and allowing psykers to practice their powers unrestricted while living among the population without stigma or being handed over to the Black Ships. Gabriel assisted the Grey Knights, the Imperial Guardsmen and his brethren as they began to cleanse the world of its Heretics, but he ordered one squad of Blood Ravens led by Sergeant Ulrey to search for individual in particular -- his father, Esmond Angelos. A former soldier of the Imperial Guard, Gabriel believed that his father would always have remained a staunch defender of the Emperor's values no matter what insanity the rest of Cyrene had chosen to embrace. He intended to find his father and rescue him before the inevitable claimed Cyrene. But to his utter shock, when he finally located his father, he learned that Esmond not only supported the growing rebellion against the Imperium, but was recognised as one of the foremost leaders of the movement for political change. Esmond had come to despise the Imperium for many reasons, but the fact that his own son had been claimed as a Space Marine was high atop his list of grievances. Esmond cursed Gabriel for having become the Emperor's butcher and declared that he wished his son had died in childbirth with his mother rather than serve the immoral cause of the Imperium. Realising that his homeworld was lost, Gabriel whispered a final prayer for Cyrene and then executed the Heretic who had once been his father with a bolt to the head. The remaining Imperial forces withdrew and the world was subjected to Exterminatus before its dangerous ideas could infect any more of the Emperor's domain.


Dow m01 angelos

Angelos during the Tartarus campaign

The Tartarus campaign is considered by many to be Gabriel Angelos's greatest triumph and a resounding victory for the Chapter. But the results of the campaign have been aggressively questioned by the elements of the Inquisition.

These doubters contend that the extent of Isador Akios's treason is still not fully known, that his treason may have spread to other elements of the Chapter. They also question Gabriel's decision to destroy the Maledictum and claim that he was a dupe either of the Eldar or of more sinister powers.

The Aurelian Crusade[]

Dow2 portrait gabriel

Angelos during the Aurelian Crusade

After the death of the Tyranid Warrior responsible for the wounding of Captain Davian Thule, Gabriel contacts the Force Commander and informs him of three tasks he needs to undertake to defeat the Tyranid invasion.

The first task is to obtain bio-toxin samples from major Tyranid creatures, including Lictors, Zoanthropes, Carnifexes and Raveners so that Apothecary Gordian can revive Captain Thule, and to extract a sample of a Tyranid digestion pool to create a bio-weapon that would kill the Tyranid hive ship in orbit over Typhon.

The second task was to secure access to Angel Forge on Meridian, so that the Blood Ravens could produce the bio-toxin weapons for the Force Commander's strike force to use against the Tyranid fleet.

The third task was for the Force Commander to find an Astronomic Array, so that the Blood Ravens could scout for a weakness in the Tyranid hive fleet.

Upon the commencement of the final stages of the plan, the Tyranid Hive Mind began to make efforts to stop Gabriel's fleet from arriving in the sector, but ultimately had to feed on the planet Typhon to restore it's energy. This allowed the Force Commander to launch his strike, alongside veterans of the 85th Vendoland regiment. However, as the Tyranids of Typhon attacked the strike force, the Litany of Fury arrived in the system and launched an orbital barrage of drop pods to hold back the Tyranid forces. Gabriel then descended to the surface of Typhon, after the Force Commander secured a teleport array, and assisted the strike team in defeating the Hive Tyrant Alpha on the planet, scattering the remaining Tyranids and breaking the Tyranids hold on the sector.

Chaos Rising[]

As the purgugation of the Aurelian sub-sector of the Tyranids continued into its second year, the re-appearance of Aurelia in the system prompted Gabriel to deploy the Force Commander's strike team to respond to a Blood Ravens distress signal on the planet, while the Third/Fourth Companies engaged on other planets in the sector. However, upon the arrival of Captain Apollo Diomedes in the sector, and the lock-down of Blood Ravens operations in the sector, Angelos went to reason with Diomedes about the discussion, but was declared a heretic and sentenced to execution on sight. Only after the revelations of the Blood Ravens' Chapter Master Kyras' actions on the Judgment of Carrion, and the corruption in the chapter, did Diomedes repeal the sentence, and the Third Company launched an assault on the old Blood Ravens keep on Aurelia.

Utilising two Predator Battle Tanks, the Force Commander was told to launch an assault on the Black Legion positions in the keep's vicinity, after which the company deployed onto the surface via drop pods. While the Third Company battled onto defeat the Black Legion, the Force Commander's strike force went to defeat the daemon Ulkair. Due to the multiple possible endings of the game, the canonical ending of the game is disputed, although it is known that Techmarine Martellus, Captain Diomedes and Scout Sergeant Cyrus survived.


Under the orders of Chapter Master Kyras, Captain Angelos was declared a renegade of the Chapter and had been evading Blood Raven pursuit along with the Librarian Jonah Orion and the 3rd Company. Angelos had made contact with the Inquisition when he had learned that Subsector Aurelia was about to be submitted to Exteminatus, explaining the situation, which prompted Inquisitor Adrastia to begin her own investigation into these events.

Other than some messages and narration, Angelos wasn't heavily involved until the final conflict with Kyras, losing what was left of his followers and Jonah, and being viciously struck down by the Daemon Prince that Kyras had become. What became of him after that varies between the campaigns. In the Blood Ravens Campaign, he survives and is made Chapter Master while in the other campaigns he is dead.

Dawn of War III[]

Gabriel Angelos

Gabriel Angelos, Chapter Master of the Blood Ravens, guides his brothers against the most dangerous enemies in the Galaxy. Uncompromising and honorable, Gabriel has little patience for those who would hesitate in battle.

Although more effective in combat than Gorgutz 'Ead'Unter, Gabriel is not appropriate enough to take on a large army of enemies, unless he does have backup and can do well against a squad of enemies, but not if they have bigger amounts of reinforcements.

Gabriel can be dropped anywhere on the field, healing all allies in the vicinity.[1]

He arrived immediately to defend Varlock Keep against a large Ork horde, with a small remainder of his battle brothers, though Inquisitor Holt impatiently reminded him that they have more pressing matters other than defending the Keep, though that would mean losing one of the Emperor's shrines doing so.

He arrived at Starfort Helios to relieve the defending Varlock Keep Guard from attacking Eldar, inadvertently being contacted by Autarch Kyre, who recognized him as both bane and defender of the Eldar, then destroyed two of their strongholds to lessen Eldar grip in the Starfort.

Despite being immediately defeated by the Eldar (lead by Farseer Macha, who spares him abruptly), Gabriel springs back to his feet and relieves both Chief Librarian Jonah Orion and Chaplain Apollo Diomedes (both under attack by Eldar and Ork strike forces) under his command, eventually fighting off Orks and Eldar in the way.

While in the Vault, Gabriel then catches the Orks unexpectedly and crushes both of their forces and Eldar with both Jonah and Diomedes following with his battle brothers, even destroying the Ork cannon used to forcefully open the Vault.

Gabriel was then forced to sit back as Inquisitor Holt, unable to claim the Spear, attempts Exterminatus on the Vault (eventually opening it rather than destroying it) that destroys a large chunk of both Orks and Eldar, hoping that it could make a clearer path for the Blood Ravens to pass through with light resistance. This eventually causes Jonah and Diomedes to think that Gabriel died in the process and swore revenge against the Inquisitor, until Lady Solaria informs them that the Chapter Master is still alive (he was not anywhere close to the orbital fire).

Disgusted at Holt's actions, Gabriel dismissed him from any further action, which angers the latter as he leaves, but not before cursing at Gabriel in the process.

Gabriel then began destroying a large Eldar force guarding a path that leads directly to the Temple of Khaine, eventually destroying two Eldar strongholds and their Colossus Gateways (that could be used to reinforce Eldar numbers) and also Kyre's elite guard protecting the path to the Temple.

After fighting off hordes of dopplegangers and Daemons with heavy casualties, Gabriel (in Macha's task) rallies all of his battle brothers to establish and holding Listening Posts in five locations, holding off against endless waves of dopplegangers and Bloodletters until Brother-Captain Balthazar arrives, in which Gabriel orders the latter to crash into Acheron to cripple the Daemon, which he does so unhesitatingly.

Gabriel then joins a temporary alliance with Macha and Gorgutz to kill the Daemon, destroying many dopplegangers and Bloodletters and facing the Daemon himself in combat in the process.

After killing the Daemon with Macha and Gorgutz, Gabriel departed warily to return to his battle brothers (at least what's left of them).


Gabriel Angelos
Gabriel-icon Faction Space Marines Health 4000
Armor Type Normal Shield
Model count 1 Melee DPS 51 (True) Splash
Speed Ranged DPS
Death + Elite Points 4
Game version:


With his mighty hammer God-Splitter, he leaps across the battlefield reducing foes to craters in the ground. God-Splitter gains up to three charges over time.
Swinging his hammer, he knocks back all nearby enemies and creates a temporary shield that blocks enemy fire and reflects projectiles. God-Splitter charges increase its duration.
Critical Strike
Every 8th melee hit does double damage and knocks enemies back. Happens 1 attack sooner for each charge of God-Splitter.

Elite Doctrines[]

Gabriel Angelos' Presence - Inspiring Drop (Initial Doctrine)
While Gabriel is summoned Drop Pods heal in a circle around themselves upon landing
Gabriel Angelos' Command - Slam Barrier (Unlockable Doctrine)
While Gabriel is summoned the Dreadnaught's Slam ability creates a barrier that absorbs shots and reflects projectiles. At level 8 it unlocks as a full Doctrine