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Fury of the Hive Mind
Dawn of War II campaign mission
Location Green Tooth Gorge, Spire Golgotha
Briefing Commander, valuable territories are at grave risk. One of the focusing entities for the hive mind's psychic might has emerged. This Zoanthrope is an obscene alien brain and little else, but channels the hive mind's powers. Killing this Zoanthrope will cause the Hive Mind to suffer and the Hive Fleet to recoil. It must be destroyed.
Objectives Eliminate the Zoanthrope
Intelligence This target is vulnerable to hand-to-hand attacks.
Elite hive creatures expert in hand-to-hand combat defend this target.
Notes Elite: Opponent uses superior troops
Bio-Feedback: Victory reduces infestation (-2)
Reward Random


  • Primary Objective: Eliminate the Zoanthrope


Dow2 minimap fury of the hive mind gorge
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