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Foul Play in the Chapter Keep
Chaos Rising campaign mission
Location Chapter Keep Selenon
Briefing Commander, the daemon Ulkair is manifesting in the ruins of Keep Selanon. This was once the grandest of our chapter keeps. Now, the Black Legion infests its ruins. Eliphas's forces are well entrenched and prepared to repel any surgical strike. Nevertheless, we must – we will – prevail. "How will we crack the Black Legion defenses?" Predator tanks from the Litany of Fury will drive into the enemy's defensive line. Their mission is to destroy key Black Legion installations. Once the Predators eliminate their targets, my forces will launch an all-out assault on the chapter keep. With the Black Legion repelling our assault, you can drop into the keep itself and strike at the daemon. "Can we coordinate the Predator's activities?" We can supervise their attack in order to better prepare for our strike. One Predator will deploy in the Annihilator pattern, perfect for dealing with enemy armor. The other will use the Destructor pattern, better suited for dealing with heavy infantry.
Objectives Use Predator tanks to pierce Black Legion defenses
Defeat the Chaos Daemons
Intelligence None
Notes None
Reward None


  • Primary Objective: Clear a path for the upcoming assault
  • Primary Objective: Attack the Chaos Base
  • Primary Objective: Destroy Ulkair, the Great Unclean One
  • Redemption Opportunity: Minimize Blood Ravens losses (0/75)
  • Secondary Objective: Defeat the Chaos Champion Eliphas



Best take both tanks on one path. You'll suffer otherwise especially on higher difficulty. The right point is preferable as you then deploy your team closer to a satellite uplink. The AI soldiers behavior is horrible so don't break a sweat - you won't be able to save them even if you wanted to.