The Fist of Valhalla is a Power Fist in the Chaos Rising campaign.

Weapon StatsEdit

Damage: 73
Attack Speed: 4


  • Vehicle Stun
  • +35 Health
  • +35 Energy


When Ork Freebooterz established a hidden raiding base on the frozen world of Typhon Septimus, the sector governor called on a detachement of the Imperial Guard's Valhallan Ice Warriors to root them out. A single squad of Blood Ravens also deployed, despite the governor's wish to exclude the Space Marines (whom he distrusted). Valhallan Colonel Ottoson, however, welcomed the aid and formed a bond of respect with the honored warriors. At the end of the operation, with all the Freebooterz dead, Ottoson gifted his personal power fist to the chapter.

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