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MapTyphon Arena
BriefingCommander, we have located the Eldar raiding party that threatens our supply lines between Typhon and Calderis. We have identified their leader as the dangerous Ranger Nemerian. He is apparently coming from an operation in Ork territory. This is our chance to cripple Eldar operations on Typhon. We may also uncover more of the Eldar's plans. I suggest we neutralize him immediately, Commander.
ObjectivesDestroy the Webway Gates
Eliminate Ranger Nemerian
StrongholdEnemy forces are fortified in a central location
Bonus IntelligenceEnemy structures are vulnerable to demolition charges and other explosives.
RewardCluster Mines Pack


Dow2 minimap eyes of the eldar

This walkthrough assumes Primarch difficulty.

The enemy has no vehicles, so take all anti-infantry gear. Explosives are necessary for Eldar buildings, and Signum is very helpful in bombing their main encampment. Cyrus's High-Powered Shot sniper ability is extremely good in taking out heavy weapon platforms.

So here the enemy has Webway Gates, which means infinite attacks coming from the main base (area with four objective markers). Luckily, these seem to be quite modest. See how you find them – if you can beat the attacks easily, take your time and clear the whole map. If you find them troublesome, go kill the main base right away.

First the south arena. There are Guardians and Ranger snipers right beyond your drop site, so don't rush to your death. Cyrus can sneak to bomb the snipers out of the buildings, and Tarkus (with Tactical Advance) or Force Commander (with Iron Halo) can draw the fire while you move into position to flush them out. After this, recommend heading to Nemerian (the lone objective marker) to finish this objective and get the beacon. He's hiding infiltrated behind an energy shield – you can toss a grenade there to get him moving. Melee or grenade him right away when you see him.

What you do now depends. Try to get the strategic asset that you don't have in any case. You can sweep the map, or you can go for the main base. There are four approaches; it doesn't matter much which one you get, but the ones with beacons are of course safest. If you have the right team, this can be easy; you can scout with Cyrus to use your Signum artillery strikes on the base, use High-Powered Shot on any platforms that show up, and sneak close to demo charge buildings while the others shoot it out. You can also use Tarkus (Tactical Advance) or Force Commander (Iron Halo, Assault Jump or Teleport) to get in, toss a grenade, and hit retreat if you get shot at a lot.

So keep this up and the base is gone shortly. If you got Nemerian on your way in, you win the mission when the main structures are down.

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